Big Changes on the Horizon for Digg

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Digg Founder Kevin Rose did an interview with The UK's Telegraph, and revealed that Digg has some big and "drastic" plans for redesigning the Digg experience. A couple of quotes from the piece:

"We're making some drastic changes, but they're much-needed drastic changes," he told The Telegraph. "People are going to be shocked at some of the directions we're taking. You have to be comfortable with completely tearing down and throwing away a bunch of ideas."


Kevin Rose"In the next version of Digg you'll see stories being presented to you in a more real-time nature, especially stories that your friends have touched. It will not be just about, but also embracing all the content that your friends touch on other websites. It's about being that place where people say, 'I'm going to take a look at Digg because it provides me insight into what's trending, what's popular, what's hot from all over these different places where people exchange information'."

While that certainly doesn't reveal too much about what Digg is going to look like (or when it is going to look like tha for that matter), it does look like Digg is going to change quite a bit, and that can be dangerous for a site that is largely focused on users, as Digg is.

This isn't the first time Digg has made changes by any means. In fact, they seem to make them fairly often, but it sounds like they may be changing how Digg operates completely, and the experience that users have grown accustomed to. It will be very interesting to see just how drastic the changes are.

Digg recently launched new extensions for Firefox and Chrome, and over the past year it has rolled out a new API, launched Digg Trends, made some interesting use of advertising, and improved its search, to name just a few things.

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