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Google Penguin Update Will Probably Just Continue Indefinitely
As you may know, Google’s latest Penguin update, which launched in October, is still rolling out. Google had said that it would be a slow rollou...
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Should Google Be Rolling Penguin Out During Holiday Shopping Season?
As you may recall, Google finally launched a new Penguin update in October after an entire year of not releasing one. The update, Google said, would r...
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Google Penguin Update Still Lurking, Keep An Eye Out
It’s been a while since Google launched the most recent version of its famous (or infamous, depending on how you want to look at it) Penguin upd...
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Google Penguin Update: You May Not Be Safe Just Yet
As you may have heard, Google has launched a new Penguin update. It’s the first one in over a year, and has been anticipated pretty much since t...
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Google Finally Launches Another Penguin Update
Update: It turns out the update is not finished rolling out, and will continue to roll-out worldwide over the coming weeks. Read this. Webmasters and ...
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Google Thinks You’ll Find The New Penguin Update To Be A ‘Delight’
If the latest comments from Google about a pending Penguin update are to be be believed, webmasters will find the update just delightful. In all serio...
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New Google Penguin Update Coming, Will Refresh Faster
Google’s Penguin update is notorious for taking an extremely long time to get refreshed, leaving sites negatively impacted by it out of luck unt...
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New Google Penguin Update Is Getting Closer
It’s looking like we’ll probably be seeing Google launch a new version of the Penguin update before too long, though Google still won̵...
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Cutts On Determining If You Were Hit By An Algorithmic Penalty
If you’ve ever lost your search engine rankings to a competing site, you may have wondered if you were suffering from an algorithmic penalty fro...
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Google Penguin Update 2.1 Is Bigger Than Your Average Penguin Refresh
Google’s Matt Cutts announced late on Friday that Penguin 2.1 was launching, affecting roughly 1% of searches “to a noticeable degree.R...
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Google Launches Update To Demote Shady Mugshot Sites
As previously reported, Google announced the launch of Penguin 2.0 on Friday, but that’s not the only algorithmic change the search giant has re...
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Apple Injunction Issued Over e-Book Price Fixing
Weeks of litigation ended this week when the Department of Justice issued Apple Inc. an injunction in the e-books antitrust case. The injunction will ...
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Penguin 2.0 Update & Its Effects On Small & Medium Sized Business
On May 22, Google released penguin 2.0. The main purpose of this update was to provide a more in depth analysis on websites that benefits from link sp...
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Google Insists Panda, Penguin Not Designed To Increase Its Revenue
Google put out a new Webmaster Help video, featuring Matt Cutts once again talking about “misconceptions” in the SEO industry. You may rec...
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How Big Is The Latest Google Penguin Update?
Webmasters have been expecting a BIG Penguin update from Google for quite some time, and a couple weeks ago, Google’s Matt Cutts promised that o...
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These Are The Top Losers From Google’s New Penguin Update, According To Searchmetrics
As it typically does with many major Google algorithm updates, Searchmetrics has released of the top losers from the Google Penguin 2.0, which the sea...
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Matt Cutts: The New Google Penguin Update Goes Much Deeper Into Your Site
Google has been warning of a big and scary new version of the Penguin update for quite some time. When Google’s Matt Cutts released a video disc...
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For Better Or Worse, A Lot Of Change Is Coming To Google SEO
Google has a lot of stuff in the works that will have a direct impact on webmasters and the search engine optimization community. In a seven-minute &#...
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Google Penguin Update Gets Ready To Bite Webmasters’ Noses [Penguin 2.0]
Matt Cutts revealed late on Friday that Google Penguin Update 2.0 is on the way, and that it will be a big one. Yes, there have been multiple iteratio...
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Google Penguin Update Is A Year Old
A year ago today, webmasters and spammers (especially spammers) were rocked by un expected update from Google which has affectionately become known as...
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