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When Google’s Penguin Finally Arrives, You Probably Won’t Ever Have To Wait For Another One
The wait continues for Google’s much-anticipated Penguin update. Once the wait is finally over, however, webmasters and SEOs should never have t...
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Google Will Announce The Long-Anticipated Penguin Update
Well, here we are halfway through April, and still no sign of that long-anticipated Penguin update. Google has been hinting at rolling this thing out ...
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Google Talks Coming Penguin Update
There’s no telling when Google will finally launch the next, much-anticipated Penguin update. Now, Google’s Gary Illyes, who has been hint...
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No Telling When Google Penguin Will Return
What once seemed so close now seems so far. In other words, for some SEOs and webmasters who have been patiently (or impatiently in some cases) waitin...
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Google Penguin Update May Not Even Happen This Quarter
For much of last year, Google suggested that a new Penguin update would likely hit before the end of 2015. That never happened, and it became apparent...
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Google Penguin Update Timeframe Now ‘This Quarter’
The much anticipated Google Penguin update has been expected this month, but from the sound of it, that’s unlikely at this point. Google’s...
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Another Google Update Gets Webmasters’ Attention
Last week, a big update to Google’s core search algorithm dominated the SEO headlines (along with the fact that Google said that Panda is now ba...
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An Important Change To Google’s Panda
The Google Panda Update has been around for five years and has dominated more headlines than probably any other Google algorithm change over that time...
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Google Webmaster Guy Hasn’t Seen Penguin Yet
For a significant part of last year, we heard that Google’s next Penguin update would likely happen before the end of the year. That didn’...
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Google Penguin Update Probably Coming Next Month
We heard for months that Google’s next Penguin update was likely to happen before the end of the year, but last week, the company finally admitt...
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Google Penguin Update Delayed!
Well, we’re nearly a week into December now, so time is running out. You’re not going to see Google launc a Penguin update in 2015. Are yo...
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Google Confirms Next Penguin Will Be ‘Huge’
As far as we know, webmasters can expect Google’s Penguin update to make a return before the year is over. It’s possible that this wonR...
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Google Penguin Update Still On For This Year
The SEO and webmaster communities have been waiting for Google to launch a new Penguin refresh for a long time. Google has been promising a new versio...
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Google Gives Updates On Panda, Penguin
Wondering what’s going on with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates? Well, not much has changed, but the company did address both at an indu...
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Google Penguin Update Expected Before End Of Year
As of mid-July, Google was sending the message that a new launch of its Penguin update was still months away. Now, over two months later, it’s g...
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Google Says Penguin Refresh Is Still Months Away
Early last month, Google provided webmasters and SEOs with an update on what was going on with Panda and Penguin. The former was said to be coming in ...
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Google Updates Webmasters On Panda and Penguin
At the SMX Advanced conference on Tuesday, Google’s Gary Illyes made some comments about what webmasters will be able to expect from Google with...
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Google Penguin Turns 3, Still Frustrates Webmasters
The Google Penguin Update is now three years old (hat tip to Barry Schwartz for keeping tabs on the “holiday”). The update has been the ba...
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Site Takes Google Pounding, Reduces Staff
Google updates can have devastating effects on websites that depend on traffic from the search engine to thrive. It’s become clear over the year...
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Google: There Will Be No End To Penguin Roll-Out
Google confirmed what we pretty much already knew, making perhaps its clearest statement on the matter yet. That last Penguin update it launched is go...
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