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Salesforce Faces Employee Revolt Over NRA Ties
Salesforce has a problem on its hands, with a growing number of employees expressing their disapproval of the company's ties to the National Rifle Ass...
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Taya Kyle, Widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, Confronts President Obama Over Gun Control
Taya Kyle, the widow of Chris Kyle, whose story made it to Hollywood with Bradley Cooper’s starring role in American Sniper, confronted Presiden...
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‘Guns for the Blind’ Video Even Too Much for the NRA
For about three days, an official NRA website featured a video wherein a contributor offered a two-minute argument for arming the blind. NRA News, a w...
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Sarah Palin Will Never Run for Office; Here’s Why
Hillary Clinton is running for President. Oh, sure, she hasn’t announced it yet. But all the signs are there: speeches to certain groups, third-...
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Sarah Palin Talks Waterboarding, Baptism
Former Governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin gave a speech at the National Rifle Association’s annual con...
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Bloomberg Funds $50 Million To New Gun Control Group
On Wednesday, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that he’ll be setting plans in motion to spend $50 million towards tightening gun co...
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Piers Morgan Bids Adieu With Shot at NRA
Piers Morgan bid adieu to his television viewers on Friday, replete with a shot at the NRA and a plea for Americans to become more stringent about gun...
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Piers Morgan Ends Show’s Run With Gun Control Plea
Piers Morgan ended his CNN show’s 3-year run with a final shot at the NRA, pleading with the country to take another look at gun control policie...
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Richard Cabela, Co-Founder of Cabela’s, Dies at 77
On Monday, the hunting and outdoor sports worlds lost one of its leading supporters when Richard Cabela, the co-founder of outdoor gear retailer Cabel...
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Gabby Giffords is Booed at Gun Show in New York
While a gun show where numerous “Don’t Tread on Me” flags are hanging up doesn’t sound like an environment a woman who was sho...
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Wayne LaPierre, NRA: More Good Guys with Guns Needed
According to Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association (NRA), there is something that could have prevented the Navy Yard shooting that kil...
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NRA Joins Lawsuit Against NSA’s Phone Metadata Collection
The NRA is not the first organization that comes to mind when I think of civil liberty organizations. Sure, they fight for Second Amendment rights, bu...
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Ted Nugent’s Brother is For Expanded Background Checks For Guns
Jeffrey Nugent, the former CEO of cosmetics company Revlon, doesn’t completely agree with his brother when it comes to the gun control debate. T...
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Ex-Girlfriend Target Gets NRA In Trouble
“The Ex”–a gun target made to look like a scantily-clad woman that “bleeds” when shot–has many people outraged aft...
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Glenn Beck Nazis Image Overshadows NRA Speech
Glenn Beck is well-known for using hyperbole, conspiracy theories, and provocative imagery to keep himself relevant to conservatives. However, during ...
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NRA: Bleeding Obama Target Mannequin Banned From Convention
It’s no secret that the NRA doesn’t agree with the gun legislation President Obama has endorsed in the wake of the Newtown school shooting...
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8th Grader’s Gun T-shirt Leads To Arrest
According to reports, an 8th grader in West Virginia was suspended and arrested after wearing an NRA t-shirt to school, which says: NRA: Protect Your ...
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That NRA Ad About President Obama’s Kids Gets a Funny or Die Response
As you may have already know, the NRA has released an ad that attacks President Obama because his kids have armed Secret Service to protect them. R...
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NRA Back on Facebook, Gives Statement on Newtown Shooting
Shortly after the tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut that left 26 innocents dead, the nation’s largest and most powerful gun lobby decided...
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NRA Social Media Blackout Continues Following Newtown Shooting
The National Rifle Association is a non-profit group whose main goal is the protection of the second amendement. It’s the most powerful and infl...
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