Video Gaming Increasing Across All Age Groups

In further evidence of the impact the pandemic is having on everyday life, video gaming has seen a significant uptick across allage groups.

‘Titanfall’ Tops March Game Sales; PS4 Outsells Xbox One

March video game sales estimates for the U.S. have been released by market research firm NPD and it appears that Microsoft’s investment in the highly-marketed Titanfall has paid off – for publisher EA, that is. The March sales estimates show…

Netflix And The Like Gain Ground Against Premium TV Channels, Says Disputed Report

Update: HBO says the NPD report is incorrect, and that it’s not losing subscribers. Both HBO and Cinemax have shown “significant” growth over the past two years, according to the company. Meanwhile, NPD appears to have pulled the report. It…

Tablet Owners Prefer to Multitask With TV, Shows Survey

A new survey by NPD DisplaySearch has shown that 88% of tablet owners use their tablet while watching TV. 82% of smartphone owners also multitasked online while watching TV. The analyst firm’s “Quarterly Multi-Screen Usage Study” found that the most…

Facebook Dominating Android Says NPD Report

Google, or at least Matt Cutts, may be congratulating Facebook on going public, but they are still rivals. They both want to connect the world in ways that allows them to service customers and sell ads. Google may think it…

Study Finds iPads Aren’t Replacing PCs

New research from the NPD Group indicates that nearly 90% of initial iPad sales are incremental and are not cannibalizing the PC market. 

"Contrary to popular belief, the iPad isn’t causing cannibalization in the PC market because iPad owners don’t exhibit the same buying and ownership patterns as the typical consumer electronics customer," the group says. 

Report: Android on 1 in 3 U.S. Smartphones Sold

The NPD Group has released a new smartphone report, finding that Motorola and HTC have driven Android to the lead in the U.S. Android is installed on one in three smartphones sold, according to the group.

Meanwhile, for the first time since 2007, RIM has slid to the number 2 position, as Android took the lead.

While Android accounted for 33% of all smartphones purchased in Q2, RIM accounted for 28%. Apple came in third at 22% with the launch of the iPhone 4.

U.S. Consumers Reportedly Go for Android Over iPhone in Q1

It’s been quite clear that Android usage has been growing steadily, but a report from the NPD Group finds that in the first quarter of 2010, Android devices actually outsold iPhones (still behind RIM) in the U.S.

Here are the market share numbers for sales in the first quarter according to the report:

RIM: 36%
Android: 28%
Apple: 21%