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Brown Recluse Infestation Leads to Lawsuits, Foreclosure
Imagine moving into a new home and having a spider problem. It’s a pest problem that many new homeowners have probably had to deal with. Now ima...
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Here’s an Insane, Ballsy Selfie from Atop Christ the Redeemer
Cristo Redentor, known to the English-speaking world as Christ the Redeemer, is a giant statue of Jesus Christ located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The ...
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Wingsuit Cave Flight Is Certifiably Insane [VIDEO]
Want to see something absolutely nuts? Ok, follow me. “Alexander Polli does the never before done – a tactical flight through a narrow cav...
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Why Would You Ever Give A Chainsaw To A Robot?
A favorite story of mine growing up was “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” It was an excellent beginner’s guide to the rule of causatio...
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This Robot Child Proves Scientists Are Now Competing To Make The Scariest Robot Imaginable
Confession time: small children terrify me. I can’t see the cuteness that so many other people apparently do. All I see is an overly happy bundl...
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DARPA’s Robot Mule Is Even Scarier Than Before
Remember DARPA’s LS3 robotic mule from a few moths back. At that point, the robot was just beginning to learn how to walk on rugged terrain and ...
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This Terrifying Swing from 3,000 Feet Is Your Aw Hell Nah Video of the Day
Nope, nope, nope. A huge bowl of nope, never ever ever. I’m not even scared of heights and I still can’t imagine attempting this incredibl...
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Enormous Golden Orb Spider Devouring A Snake Is A Giant Dose of NOPE
Australia, you simply scare the sh*t out of me. Seriously, every time I see some freakishly terrifying creature pop up on the interwebs, it’s fr...
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