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Google Gets Into The Tablets For Education Business
The education sector has become big business for tech companies in recent years thanks to classrooms embracing new technologies like tablets and educa...
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New Nexus 7 Won’t Work On Verizon Until It Gets KitKat
This year’s Nexus 7 supported 4G LTE networks right out of the gate on AT&T, T-Mobile and any other GSM network. As such, it should have be...
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Google Is Having Asus Make The Nexus 10 [Rumor]
Asus and Google are the best of pals. The former makes the Nexus 7 for the latter, and the two couldn’t be happier with the sales. Now it looks ...
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New Nexus 7 Predicted to Sell 3.5 Million This Year
Since Google’s first 7-inch tablet, the Nexus 7, was announced last year, shipments of Android tablets have risen quickly. Though the iPad Mini ...
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Your Nexus 7 Getting A Little Slow? Android 4.3 Should Fix That
Google introduced the new Nexus 7 last week, and some consumers will have already upgraded to the latest model. Others, however, will hold onto last y...
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Tablet Sales to Pick Up Later This Year, Shows Analyst Survey
It’s taken only a few short years since the debut of the iPhone for U.S. smartphone adoption to begin to slow, and now it appears that tablets a...
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Here’s All The New Stuff In Android 4.3
At an event yesterday, Google announced the new Nexus 7 and the Chromecast. New hardware is always exciting, but many more were just as exciting to se...
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Google Thinks The New Nexus 7 Will Make Middle School Less Awkward
Did you hear? Google finally unveiled the new Nexus 7 during an event this morning. The successor to last year’s Nexus 7 comes with a number of ...
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Netflix Immediately Supported By Google’s Chromecast, New Android App For Nexus 7 On The Way
As you probably know by now, Google revealed both the Nexus 7 tablet and the Chromecast device at an event in San Francisco today. Netflix announced t...
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Google Announces New Nexus 7, Chromecast
Last week, it was revealed that Google would be hosting a breakfast this morning with Sundar Pichai. It was assumed that he would spend the morning ta...
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Best Buy Jumps The Gun On New Nexus 7 Pre-Orders, Confirms Android 4.3’s Existence
Google will be hosting an event this morning with Android and Chrome boss Sundar Pichai. We all kind of assumed it would have something to do with And...
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Asus Expects Tablet Shipment Boost From New Nexus 7
Details about the upcoming refresh of Google’s Nexus 7 are now being leaked at a fast pace. Photos of the device even surfaced earlier this week...
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This Is What The New Nexus 7 Looks Like
Later this week, Google will be hosting an event with Android and Chrome boss Sundar Pichai. It’s pretty much a given that he’ll announce ...
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New Nexus 7 To Cost $229 For 16GB, $269 For 32GB [Rumor]
Are we going to see the new Nexus 7 at next week’s Google event? There’s a good possibility, and it’s becoming even more likely afte...
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Google To Host Event With Sundar Pichai On July 24
Sundar Pichai is wearing a lot of hats these days. He’s no longer just the head of the Chrome team, but the Android team as well. That’s w...
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Nexus 7 Refresh Coming Soon, Specs Leaked
Though Android fans were disappointed that no new hardware announcements were made at Google I/O, rumors of an impending update to the Nexus 7 tablet....
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New Nexus 7 Makes A Stop At The FCC
Google confirmed before its annual developer conference that no new hardware would be shown, but it was still disappointing to see the company not int...
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Don’t Expect Any Hardware Announcements At Google I/O
People are expecting big things out of this year’s Google I/O. Last year’s conference introduced the world to Glass, the Nexus 7 and the i...
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Google To Introduce A New 11-Inch Tablet This Year [Rumor]
At Google I/O last year, Google showed that it was serious about making Android a serious contender in the tablet space with the Nexus 7. It inched in...
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Nexus 7 Successor With Qualcomm CPU To Launch In July [Report]
It’s pretty much assumed at this point that Google will be showing off the new Nexus 7 at Google I/O next month. Now we just need to know its sp...
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