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Tag: Nature

Edward Snowden Crayfish Now Exists, Thanks to Admiring Scientist
Edward Snowden doesn’t have many fans in the US government, but he certainly has one in the research community. A German researcher named Christ...
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Google Celebrates World Oceans Day With Gorgeous Street View Imagery
Google has managed to capture some truly amazing imagery for Street View over the years, and when I stop and think about how Street View didn’t ...
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‘Planet Earth’ Follow-up ‘Our Planet’ Coming to Netflix in 2019
Netflix has nabbed the exclusive rights to Planet Earth‘s follow-up. It’s called Our Planet, and it’s a four-year project that’...
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Niagara Falls Frozen? Completely Frozen Only Once In History [Photo]
On Monday, the temperature at Niagara Falls dropped to 13 degrees below zero. The drop in temperature left parts of Niagara Falls frozen, while the su...
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‘Kissing Bug’ Illnesses On the Rise in the U.S.
Members of a typically subtropical family of insects commonly known as kissing bugs have been making their way further north in the United States, whi...
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World’s Largest Flying Aquatic Insect Found in China
The world’s largest flying aquatic insect has been identified in China’s Sichuan province, according to entomologists in the region. The I...
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Great White Shark Bites Man Off California Beach
A great white shark attacked a man as he was swimming off of Manhattan Beach in southern California Saturday. The 7-foot-long juvenile great white was...
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‘Lost’ Snake Rediscovered on Mexico Island
A species of snake not seen for almost 80 years was found on a remote island off of the Pacific coast of Mexico. Hypsiglena unaocularis, commonly know...
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San Andreas Fault Affected by Irrigation
The San Andreas Fault, a continental transform that runs roughly 810 miles through California, is being affected by irrigation practices in the area, ...
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Bernardo Fire 50 Percent Contained
The nearly 1,600-acre bush fire that is still smoldering southwest of Rancho Bernardo, California is now 50 percent contained, according to the San Di...
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Goblin Shark Netted Off Florida Keys
According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries Service, a commercial shrimping trawler netted an extremely rare gob...
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Whale Carcass Feared Ready to Explode
Residents of Trout River in Newfoundland, Canada fear that a blue whale carcass that washed ashore last week may be ready to explode. The stinky, 82-f...
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Iceberg Twice the Size of Atlanta Enters Ocean
An iceberg with an area almost twice the size of Atlanta has broken away from the Antarctic continent and is drifting into the ocean, which could thre...
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Mako Shark Landed in Gulf May Break Record
Ernie Polk and his cousin Joey Polk landed a shortfin Mako shark off the Floridian Gulf Coast while surfcasting Tuesday, and the fish might be a world...
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Rufous Hummingbird Gets Top Billing In Google’s Earth Day Doodle
Google has an interesting doodle up for Earth Day. It’s animated, and it shows several different animals as you click. You can click the search ...
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Snowy Owls Coming South For Food, Say Experts
Some people as far south as Tenessee might be surprised to see an unusual bird in their backyards this spring. Great Snowy Owls have been spotted this...
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Snowy Owls Drifting Deeper South
The snowy owl, typically a resident of the Arctic, has been delving further south as of late, and has been spotted in parts of the New England region ...
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Squirrel Causes $300K in Damages in Indy
A defiant squirrel managed to cause roughly $300K in damages to a new Fort Wayne, Indiana community center that is scheduled to open in June. The smal...
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Grand Canyon Hybrid Bison On a Tear
Over 350 hybrid bison have been on a rampage in the northern region of Grand Canyon National Park, and the herd has been tearing up vegetation, imping...
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Bald Eagle Egg Hatches in Pittsburgh
The Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed that the first of three bald eagle eggs had hatched Friday in a nest sitting in a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ...
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