Aisera Partners With Microsoft to Deliver AI Service Desk Solutions

Aisera has become member of the Microsoft for Startups program, partnering with Microsoft to deliver AI-based service desk solutions.

IBM Using AI to Simulate Crowds at the US Open

IBM is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate crowds in the first-ever, spectator-less US Open.

AI Company Leaks 2.5 Million Medical Records

Cense AI has inadvertently leaked 2.5 million detailed medical records of auto accident victims.

Google Updates Its Search Algorithm: Brings Neural Network Techniques to Search

Whenever Google updates, tweaks, replaces or improves its search algorithms, webmasters the world over anxiously wait to see how it will impact their rankings. Google’s latest update, Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT), is one of the company’s most interesting…

Facebook Just Bought A Voice Recognition Company

Facebook has acquired, a company that builds voice recognition and natural language processing tools for developers. It has over 6,000 developers on its platform. The platform is open, which is a quality the startup clearly takes pride in. “For…

Yahoo Acquires SkyPhrase For Natural Language Processing

Yahoo announced today that it has acquired SkyPhrase, a developer of natural language processing technology. The company will become part of Yahoo Labs. “The team of four has built amazing natural language processing technology and we’re excited to welcome them…