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Facebook Stock on the Rise as Nasdaq Sets Aside Millions to Compensate Investors
Good news all the way around for Facebook investors. Despite sluggish trading and constantly declining stock prices, today’s trading took a turn...
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Nasdaq Hopes to Appease Facebook Investors with Modest Compensation
The Nasdaq OMX Group hopes to make up for that small-but-disastrous glitch on the day of Facebook’s initial public offering by compensating affe...
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Facebook Might Switch to NYSE after Nasdaq Failure
Facebook stock closed at $31.99 per share yesterday, and some speculate that there truly is no limit on how low it can go. One of several factors that...
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Facebook Stock Closes at $32 on Wednesday
Facebook stock is once again closing in the $30 price range at $31.99 as the Nasdaq market closed at 4PM today. It opened at $31.37, rose as high as $...
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Morgan Stanley to Adjust Facebook Prices for Retail Customers
Good news for early Facebook IPO investors who may have been a victim of Nasdaq’s computer communication glitch, Morgan Stanley is reviewing all...
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Facebook IPO Scandal: Was the Nasdaq Glitch Real?
Perhaps we are all overreacting to the Facebook/Nasdaq/Morgan Stanley issue by calling it a scandal. But experience has taught many of us a valuable l...
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Investor Sues Nasdaq Over Facebook IPO
Maryland Facebook investor Phillip Goldberg has just filed a complaint against Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. regarding “badly mishandled” trades upon the ...
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Facebook IPO Revised Revenue Report Scandal
Probably not surprising to most of you, big banks, and underwriters of the Facebook IPO deal, had inside information on the company’s inevitably...
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How Low Can Facebook Stock Go?
Facebook stock closed at $34.03 per share yesterday, and some speculate that there truly is no limit on how low it can go. Several factors have likely...
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Nasdaq’s Fallout from the Fubar Facebook IPO
Given that everyone was so excited and looking to the future with Facebook’s initial public offering on Friday, there has been a surprising abse...
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Tech Stocks: Nasdaq Embarrassed by Facebook IPO Hiccups
Tech stocks IPO auctions will undergo a few necessary changes after a delay caused Facebook shares to begin trading 30 minutes after the scheduled 11a...
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Facebook IPO’s Poor Performance Blamed On Software
Friday started out pretty exciting as Facebook shares started trading. The feelings of joy soon turned to disappointment, however, as Facebook’s...
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Facebook’s Less Than Stellar IPO Performance
Looking back to Friday, the day of the big Facebook IPO, we reported that there was some sort of technical issue that hampered trading early on. Accor...
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Zuckerberg’s Commemorative Hoodie from Nasdaq
Just before this mornings Facebook IPO, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and a crowd of enthusiastic fans gathered outside Wall Street to ring the official bell. D...
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Randi Zuckerberg Present at NASDAQ
Randi Zuckerberg, elder sister of Facebook CEO Mark, left the social media giant last year, to start her own company called RtoZMedia. This didn’...
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Facebook IPO: Mark Zuckerberg Posts It On Facebook
So, imagine for the moment that you’re the CEO of a major company, and you’re taking that company public. More specifically, imagine that ...
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Nasdaq Asks How Facebook Connects the World
It was recently reported that social networking giant Facebook presently has roughly 901 million active users. As the company files its IPO today, Nas...
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Facebook IPO: Watch Zuckerberg Ring The Bell
Though the opening bell has been rung and the Facebook IPO ceremony is over, trading on Facebook stocks has yet to commence. Facebook shares will begi...
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Facebook to be Traded on NASDAQ Exchange
There have been rumors floating around that the big “FB” was still in negotiations to decide which exchange they would have offering their...
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Facebook IPO: Facebook Will Reportedly List As FB On NASDAQ
Word is that Facebook is shooting for a $5 billion IPO in May, and now we know which exchange host it. The New York Times is reporting, citing “...
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