Facebook to be Traded on NASDAQ Exchange


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There have been rumors floating around that the big "FB" was still in negotiations to decide which exchange they would have offering their stock in the much anticipated IPO happening in the next couple months. Well, finally it has been confirmed, Facebook will be carried on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

According to Bloomberg, the ability to be listed on the NASDAQ-100 index was a deciding factor for Facebook. Just announced April 23rd, the NASDQ will shorten its waiting period for addition to the index. Simply put, Facebook could be included in the index in as little as 90 days as opposed to the previous "seasoning" period of over one year.

Experts who spoke with Bloomberg claim that going into the index, “would help the trading volume of Facebook dramatically”. The decision to change the index waiting period at NASDQ, according to Bloomberg sources, was made in order to keep it more relevant and to include the biggest companies sooner.

There is also speculation that Facebook may eventually expand its $5 billion IPO to as much as $10 billion. Again though, this is just speculation, it has not been confirmed in any way.

As you would expect, we will be watching for any developments in the Facebook IPO. As we reported yesterday, even the May IPO date is still up in the air. Acquisitions and other housekeeping issues at the social networking headquarters may be taking priority over getting IPO up and underway.