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NASA Study Grades Climate Models, Finds Higher Temperatures Likely
NASA today announced the results of a new study by the National Center for Atmospheric Research. It shows that climate model projections that predict ...
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Jovian Trojan Asteroids’ Secrets Uncovered by NASA’s WISE
NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) may have been decommissioned last year, but the data it has provided is continuing to reveal c...
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Mars Rover Curiosity Preparing to Analyze Martian Dirt
NASA researchers have begun preparing Mars rover Curiosity to scoop up Martian soil for testing. The rover was designed to be capable of placing soil ...
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Mars Rover Opportunity to Thoroughly Examine Matijevic Hill
While Mars rover Curiosity might be getting all the attention these days, Mars rover Opportunity is still active during it’s ninth year on Mars....
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Snow on Mars Found by NASA Orbiter
NASA researchers announced last week that data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has given the “clearest evidence yet” of dry ice snowf...
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Mars Rover Sends New Photos of the Martian Landscape
The Mars rover Curiosity has already sent back some preliminary photos of its newly named Bradbury Landing site. It also recently completed its first ...
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Ray Bradbury Honored With Mars Rover Landing Site
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced yesterday that it has dubbed the landing site of the Mars rover Curiosity “Bradbury LandingR...
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NASA’s Newest Video Details Curiosity Mars Descent
NASA is in the middle of a very important mission right now as they are always in the middle of something these days. This mission is a little differe...
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Huge South Pole Moon Crater Could Hold Frozen Water
The moon still holds some mysteries. One of those being whether or not there is any discernible amount of ice on the surface. While we have been to th...
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