Morgan Stanley to Adjust Facebook Prices for Retail Customers

Good news for early Facebook IPO investors who may have been a victim of Nasdaq’s computer communication glitch, Morgan Stanley is reviewing all of the trades that went through on that day. As you remember, trading was delayed by a…

Facebook and IPO Underwriters Sued by Investors

If you thought Facebook was in the news a lot for their patent lawsuits, welcome to IPO litigation. Interested parties are crawling out of the woodwork to contest the bullshit events that surround Facebook’s IPO and everyone involved. As we…

Facebook IPO: Morgan Stanley Subpoenaed In Massachusetts

Yesterday morning we brought you news that Morgan Stanley had lowered Facebook’s revenue forecast in the days before the company’s IPO, but that the news was kept quiet during the IPO roadshow that led up to the IPO on last…

Facebook IPO: Underwriters Fail to Prop Up Demand

After Friday’s botched Facebook IPO, where trading prices barely exceeded the $38 per share target price, things looked even worse yesterday. The market closed at just over $34 per share for Facebook. Now many banks offering the stock say they…

Analyst Says Amazon To Earn $100B In Revenue In 2015

Everyone awed by Facebook’s $50 billion valuation may want to break away for at least a moment to consider Amazon’s future.  An analyst with Morgan Stanley has predicted that Amazon will generate an impressive $100 billion in revenue in 2015.

To put that in perspective: Amazon reported $7.56 billion in revenue during the third quarter of 2010, $6.57 billion during the second quarter, $7.13 billion during the first quarter, and $9.52 billion during the fourth quarter of 2009 (totaling $30.78 billion), so $100 billion in a single year will represent a huge increase.

Morgan Stanley Raises Google Price Target By $30

Global financial services firm Morgan Stanley has a lot of confidence in Google.  This morning, the organization added Google to its "Best Ideas" list, and also upped its price target on the search giant by an impressive $30.

That second change takes the price target Morgan Stanley’s established from $700 to $730 and signals some high expectations.  Google’s stock was at $578.36 this morning before the market opened, meaning the $700 target already required an increase of 21.0 percent.