Google Rolling Out End-to-End Encryption in Messages

At long last, Google is rolling out end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in its Android Messages app.

Google’s RCS Messaging Available Globally, End-to-End Encryption Soon

Google has announced the global availability of RCS messaging, with end-to-end encryption coming soon.

Google Photos Backups Will Exclude Messaging Photos

Google has made a subtle change to how Photos backups work, excluding images received via social media and messaging apps.

WWDC 2020 Part 1: iOS Home Screen Grows Up, Siri Moves In and More

In a first ever, Apple held a 100% digital version of WWDC, bringing welcome improvements across all of the company’s platforms.

Google Bringing End-to-End Encryption to RCS Messages

Google appears prepared to bring end-to-end encryption to RCS messages, helping it better compete with Apple iMessages.

iMessage May Add Mentions and Retracting Messages

Apple may be adding a number of new features to iMessage, including tagging individuals in a group and the ability to retract a message.

New Facebook Tools Good News For Businesses

While businesses have had plenty to complain about when it comes to Facebook in the past year or two – mainly when it comes to the amount of followers their Page posts are reaching – the company has also been…

Facebook Channels AIM, Tests Away Messages

Away messages were the very first status updates. And now that Facebook has perfected the latter, it’s trying to bring back the former. In another update to Facebook Messenger – something we’re seeing a lot of these days – Facebook…

Facebook Messenger Will Now Let You Send Money

Rumored for some time, Facebook is finally announcing that peer-to-peer payments have come to Messenger. Not immediately, however. Facebook says it’ll be rolling it out to iOS, Android, and Desktop in the “coming months,” and we all know how slowly…

Facebook Attempts to Debunk Messenger Myths

When it comes to its Messenger app and the continued backlash, Facebook really wants to set the record straight. The Next Web spotted a big, unavoidable alert inside Facebook for iOS which directs users to a page called Messenger: Myths…