Google Relaxing Vaccine and Mask Requirements

Google is making major changes to its policies, relaxing its vaccine and mask requirements, as well as reinstating many office-based perks.

iPhone Face ID in iOS15.4 Will Work With Masks

iPhone users are about to get a major upgrade, with iOS 15.4 allowing them to unlock their devices using Face ID with a mask on.

DHS Tested Mask-Thwarting Facial Recognition

The Department of Homeland Security (DSH) has been testing facial recognition systems that can recognize faces with masks on.

Apple Creating Face Masks For Medical Personnel

Apple is turning its considerable resources and expertise to manufacturing face masks for medical personnel amid the ongoing crisis.

Apple Donating Millions of Masks to Medical Personnel

Apple is donating millions of masks to medical personnel across the U.S. and Europe as health professionals grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Heisenberg Mask Bryan Cranston Wore at Comic-Con Is Now on eBay

I’m sure you recall this year’s Comic-Con, where Bryan Cranston did that awesome thing where he put on a lifelike, rubber Heisenberg (Walter White) mask and walked around the floor for a couple of hours. Everybody thought it was just…