AI May Improve Smart Speakers by Detecting Voice Direction

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created a machine learning model to detect the direction of an incoming voice.

More Evidence Apple Is Working On Its Own Search Engine

More evidence would suggest that Apple is working on its own search engine to help challenge Google’s dominance.

Microsoft Unlocks Power Of 5G For Telecommunications

Jason Zander of Microsoft Azure, announces new collaborations with the telecommunications industry that will unlock the power of 5G.

Xanadu Releases Photonic Quantum Cloud

Xanadu has released their photonics quantum computing platform, planning to double its power every six months.

AI Company Leaks 2.5 Million Medical Records

Cense AI has inadvertently leaked 2.5 million detailed medical records of auto accident victims.

Google Uses Machine Learning to Decipher Hieroglyphs

Google has unveiled Fabricius, a tool that uses machine learning to decipher and translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Verizon Chooses Google Cloud Contact Center AI

Google Cloud has scored a major win as Verizon has chosen its Contact Center AI to help power its customer service experience.

Google and NVIDIA Partner to Bring A100 to the Cloud

Google Cloud has become the first cloud provider to offer NVIDIA’s new A100 Tensor Core GPU.

MIT Removes AI Training Dataset Over Racist Concerns

MIT has removed a massive dataset after finding it contained racist, misogynistic terms and offensive images.

Facebook Beefs Up Messenger Security

Facebook has announced significant new measures to increase the security of Messenger, as well as combat predators and scammers.