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Google Says “Don’t Worry About Links”
Links are a topic on the mind of every webmaster, search marketer and entrepreneur, especially as it relates to ranking in Google search results. The ...
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Google: Those Unnatural Link Penalties Are About The Product Reviews We Warned You About
As previously reported, Google handed out a bunch of penalties over the weekend for unnatural outbound links. Now, the company has clarified that this...
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Google Penalizes Sites For Unnatural Links
Google reportedly handed out a bunch of penalties over the weekend for unnatural outbound links. These are unnatural links going from your site to oth...
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Top Google Ranking Signals Officially Named
A Googler revealed the 3 top Google ranking signals in a hangout. Webmasters and SEOs have been wondering what the top Google ranking signals are for ...
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Yahoo Mail Gets Enhanced Link Previews
Yahoo Mail announced new enhanced link previews that a spokesperson for Yahoo says “transform the typical blue link into a visual, informative c...
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Study Looks At How Well Backlink Tools Work
Stone Temple Consulting has been releasing a lot of great research in the SEO space throughout 2015. They’ve provided thoughtful analysis of Goo...
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Facebook’s ‘Add the Last Link’ Test Is The Most Annoying Thing Ever
Facebook tests new features all the time. Many of them die off, some of them succeed. This one needs to die. Quickly. Some people (a small set of iOS ...
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Do Short and Sweet Facebook Posts Drive More Traffic?
Like you, NPR sure would like more of its Facebook followers to click through to its site. And like you, NPR is looking for a way to optimize its Face...
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People Are Interacting With Links More On Facebook
It looks like links are getting better for interactions on Facebook as interactions on other post types are on the decline. Have you seen better reach...
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Yahoo Mail Makes It Easier To Add Images, Files & Links To Messages
Google isn’t the only one that announced some email improvements on Thursday. Yahoo announced a new feature for when Yahoo Mail users are compos...
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Can Simply Asking For A Link Now Get You Penalized In Google? [Updated]
It’s nothing new for Google to try to get webmasters to stop focusing on getting links to help their search rankings. Buying links has long been...
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Facebook ‘Add A Link’ Feature Hits iPhone
Remember last month when news came out about that new Facebook feature that lets you search for a link to add to a conversation? That just launched on...
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What is the Most Effective SEO Tactic?
What is the Most Effective SEO Tactic? If you’re trying to gain visibility for your website, you’ve no doubt wondered about the answer to ...
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Google Tone Lets You Share Links with Sound
Google’s latest Chrome experiment is equal parts cool, possibly annoying, fun, first-world problem solving, and pointless. Ok, maybe not equal p...
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Google’s Not Checking Your Facts Just Yet
A recently released Google research paper has been drawing some attention throughout the search industry. It proposes a signal for ranking search resu...
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Google Says You Should Avoid Link Building
You know how you’ve been building links to your website for years, trying to get Google look upon it more favorably? Well, according to Google, ...
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Google Shows Call-To-Action Links For Quick Answer Results From Third-Party Sites
Back in November, people started noticing that Google was showing call-to-action link for some of its quick answer results. The only examples anyone p...
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Link Expert Eric Ward Talks Fear And The Evolution Of Links
The nature of links on the web, particularly in relation to search, has changed a lot over the years, and there’s probably nobody out there with...
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Google Adds Call To Action Links To Quick Answer Results
Google is showing users “Show me how” links for some of its quick answer results. Unfortunately, so far, the only examples we’ve see...
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Did Google Penalize A Site For A Natural Link From Moz?
Update: We’ve updated the post with some additional comments from Fishkin he gave us via email. See end of article. Google has been on a warpath...
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