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Google Releases Keyword Optimizer Sample App
Google announced the release of the Keyword Optimizer sample app for the AdWords API, which combines functionalities of Keyword Planner and the API se...
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4 New Features In Bing Ads Keyword Planner
Microsoft announced some enhancements to the Bing Ads Keyword Planner tool to give advertisers more insights into their campaigns. There are four new ...
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Kik Adds Keyword Targeting To Promoted Chats
Popular messaging app Kik recently launched promoted chats to make some money from brands looking for a way to get in front of its sizable user base. ...
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Hummingbird Is Google’s Biggest Algorithm Change In 12 Years
Let’s get one thing straight right up front. Hummingbird is not a new algorithm update like Panda or Penguin. It’s a new algorithm. Panda ...
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Keyword Planner Alternatives For Keyword Research: Who Will Rise To The Challenge?
With the rise of ‘Not Provided’ and the recent death of the beloved Google Keyword Tool, it’s clear that the biggest player in search is trying ...
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As Google Moves Away From Keywords, Can You Optimize For Gist?
Today, keywords still play a significant role in search habits, and in how Google and other search engines deliver search results. The trend, however,...
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You Can Get Keyword Data From Facebook Graph Search in Google Analytics
Will Facebook’s Graph Search become a major piece of successful online marketing strategies? It’s still in its infancy, and does only a sm...
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Twitter Adds Trend Matching, Negative Keyword Targeting to Promoted Tweets in Search Campaigns
Twitter has just unveiled some new options for advertisers who use Promoted Tweets inside search results which allow them to both manually and automat...
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Google Continues To Work On Getting Better At Synonyms
Google continues to move further away from keyword dependence by understanding words and user intent better. Part of this is through how Google is abl...
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Google EMD Update: Good Or Bad For Search?
On Friday, Google’s Matt Cutts revealed that Google was rolling out a new algorithm update geared at reducing “low-quality” exact ma...
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Bing Ads Launches Keyword Suggestions
Bing announced the launch of a new keyword suggestions feature for Bing Ads (formerly adCenter). Advertisers can now apply suggested keywords customiz...
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What Google’s Synonym Treatment Means For Businesses
Google is getting better at understanding synonyms, and that is part of the search engine’s decreasing dependence on keywords for returning resu...
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Google Moves Further Away From Keyword Dependence
It seems that June, for Google, was all about improving how the search engine deals with natural language. On Friday, Google released a giant list of ...
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U.S. Government Releases List Of Words They Look For Online
It’s pretty obvious by now that the U.S. government wants to desperately spy on our online activities. Reports that the NSA is building a giant ...
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Knowledge Graph Reduces Google’s Dependence On Keywords
Earlier this month, we looked at Google’s big list of algorithm changes from April. One of those, referred to as Bi02sw41, indicated that Google...
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Bi02sw41: Did Google Just Make Keywords Matter Less?
Google is often tight-lipped about its ranking signals. It makes sense, as they don’t want you to be able to game the results and get your conte...
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Google Penguin Update Recovery: Getting Better At Keywords
Last week, Google unleashed its Penguin update upon webmasters. The update, as you may know, was designed to decrease the rankings of sites engaging i...
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GMale, Google’s Perfect Boyfriend, Knows All Your Secrets
Have you ever wondered how a life partner created by Google would function? This video from the people at Comediva gives us a look into G-Male, the pe...
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Keywords and Content Marketing
I recently had an interesting discussion with Ron Jones who is writing a book specifically on using keywords for online marketing called “Keyword In...
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Let’s Talk about Keyword Density
Recently, I received an email question wanting to know about keyword density, asking questions like how do I deal with it, is it still a ...
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