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Tag: House of Representatives

House Candidate Promises He’ll Never Embarrass You with Dick Pics
If you’re sick and tired of your New York congressmen showing off a little too much skin because they’re pretty bad at the internet, Danie...
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Eric Cantor Defeated in Surprise Primary Landslide
House majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his Republican primary election Tuesday night. Instead of once again running for Virginia’s 7th congressi...
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Unemployment Benefits Extension Could Be Postponed
On Wednesday, U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner said that the proposition to continue long-term unemployment benefits “is simpl...
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Marjorie Margolies Gets Campaign Help from Bill Clinton
Marjorie Margolies wants to return to Congress in 2014 and she has a big name behind her: former US President Bill Clinton. Clinton will appear at an ...
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John Dingell, Longest Serving Congresssman, Retires
United States Representative from Michigan John Dingell has announced his intention to retire from the House after nearly 60 years of service. Dingell...
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Bill That Would Ban In-Flight Calls Approved By House Committee
The FAA made a lot of fliers happier last year when it relaxed its ban on using electronic devices during take-off and landing. The ban on in-flight c...
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House Passes Innovation Act, Hopes To Stop Patent Trolls
I think that we can all agree that patent trolls are just about the worst. Even if you have no stake in the tech sector, frivolous litigation aiming t...
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House Stenographer Rant “Work of God”
While all of America and international markets suffered due to the government shutdown, we now know who suffered the most – House stenographer, ...
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Senate Votes Against Fourth House Plan
In a completely non-startling move, the Senate voted against a fourth plan put forth by the House to defund Obamacare in order to stop the government ...
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Rep. Bob Goodlatte Wants To Reign In The NSA
Whenever House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte isn’t thinking about implementing a nationwide online sales tax, he’s busy thinking about ...
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Rep. Bob Goodlatte To Move Forward With Online Sales Tax Bill [Report]
In early May, the Senate voted in favor of the Marketplace Fairness Act. The legislation would require all online businesses to collect sales tax for ...
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Rep. Bob Goodlatte Introduces Internet Tax Legislation In House
Back in August, Sens. Ron Wyden and John Thune introduced legislation that would permanently extend the Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998. The legislat...
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Darrell Issa Calls For Another Vote On House Amendment That Would Defund The NSA
In late July, an amendment that would have defunded the NSA’s phone metadata collection program was brought to the House floor. It was narrowly ...
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Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich Calls For The NSA To Be Abolished
The NSA has become quite the touchy subject in Washington these past few months after leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed the age...
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House Judiciary Committee Votes In Favor Of Cellphone Unlocking
Should you be able to unlock your cellphone? Over 100,000 Americans and the White House certainly think so. Some members of Congress think so as well,...
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House Proves Yet Again That It Cares Not For Your Privacy
The House proved earlier this year that it doesn’t care about your privacy when it voted in favor of CISPA yet again. Now the House has cemented...
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House Wants To Take The NSA Down A Peg With Defense Spending Amendments
Ever since it was revealed that the NSA was spying on Americans in early June, some members of Congress have proposed laws to strip the agency of its ...
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Steve Cohen’s Long-Lost Daughter Is Not His Daughter
Rep. Steve Cohen has had a rough week. It was only three years ago that he found out he had a daughter named Victoria Brink, but CNN reports that DNA ...
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House Panel Unanimously Passes Email Privacy Amendment
The ECPA amendment that would require government agencies to obtain a warrant when accessing email hasn’t made much headway since the Senate Jud...
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Justice Department Finally Admits That It Collects All Phone Records Within U.S.
When the NSA spy programs were first revealed, the government told us that it was only collecting records that were relevant to terrorism investigatio...
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