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Tag: Google Now

Google Announces Updates to Now on Tap
This year at Google I/O, Google introduced Now On Tap as part of Marshmallow, the latest Android release. It let users utilize Google Now from third-p...
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New Google Feature Opens Opportunities For Businesses
Google announced that Google Now on Tap is now rolling out on Nexus phones, and will hit other devices using the latest version of Android (Marshmallo...
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New Google Feature Means Businesses Need Apps For Search Marketing
The world of search engine marketing is ever-changing, and it’s no secret that mobile continues to take over the desktop. Google has a new featu...
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This Isn’t Really How Yahoo Expects To Compete In Search Is It?
Yahoo held a conference call on Tuesday to discuss its Q1 earnings. Over the course of the call, CEO Marissa Mayer said a lot about search in her prep...
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Google Now Just Got A Lot More Useful
Google Now may be getting a whole lot more useful as Google just announced that it’s integrating with third-party apps on Android. The company h...
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Google Now To Start Reminding You About Your Bills
Google is reportedly adding bill pay reminders to Google Now, which will notify users about upcoming bills that are due, and how much they cost. Googl...
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Google Shows When You’re Near A Store That Carries A Product You Searched For
Google announced that it has added functionality to Google Now to show consumers when they’re near stores that carry products they have searched...
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Bing’s Answer To Google Now Comes To The Desktop
Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it is launching personalized cards on the Bing Homepage, which will let users keep track of news, weather, fligh...
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Google Now Notifications Come To Chrome (Beta)
Google announced that it has launched Google Now notifications in Chrome beta. If you’re on the beta channel, you’ll be getting notificati...
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Here Are Over 60 Things You Can Say To Google Now has put together a pretty cool infographic listing all the different commands you can use with Google Now. There are over sixty of them....
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Google Now Adds Site Updates, Traffic Incidents, TV Recommendations And More
Google has added some interesting new cards to Google Now for Android. The features come in the latest update of the Google Search app. Google has add...
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Smartphones Will Soon Run Themselves, Says Analyst
Smartphone (or smart TV or smart watch) is a bit of a misnomer at this point. Sure, the devices are far more capable than feature phones and their wir...
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That Google Smart Watch Might Be Coming Sooner Rather Than Later [Report]
Everybody these days is making a smart watch. Even if Samsung and Sony are the only major manufacturers out of the gate, many more are finalizing plan...
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New Google Now Knowledge Graph Reminders For Music And TV Shows Are Pretty Awesome
As we reported last week, Google launched an update to its Google Search app for Android, adding some new Google Now functionality. Among the improvem...
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Google Now Just Keeps Getting More Useful
Earlier this week, Google updated Google Keep with new Google Now reminders for notes. Now, Google Now itself is getting new kinds of cards. The updat...
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Google Keep Gets A Lot More Useful
Google is launching an update to Google Keep, which includes Google Now reminders and a new photo note option. You can select the “remind meR...
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Will Google’s Expanding Personalization Help Or Hurt Businesses?
Google has been getting more personalized little by little for years now, but it’s happening much more rapidly these days, and not only is it ge...
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Google Now Cards Feature Spotted In Chrome
It was a little surprising that Google Now coming to Chrome wasn’t one of the Chrome announcements Google made at Google I/O last month, but jus...
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Google Search Android App Gets New Google Now, Voice And Offers Features
Google has launched an update to the Google Search app for Android with some new Google Now features, Voice actions and Offers integration. There are ...
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Is It Worth It To Your Site To Help Google Build Its ‘Knowledge’?
Search is moving more and more toward structured data, which in turn, is leading search engines to delivering the information users are seeking withou...
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