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Tag: Google Glass

Kuo: Apple’s Mixed Reality Glasses to Arrive in 2022
Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is predicting Apple’s long-rumored mixed reality glasses will arrive next year, in 2022....
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Google Glass Makes a Comeback with Focus on Enterprise Market
Many critics viewed Google Glass as an expensive failure in the consumer market soon after the product launched in February of 2013. The lack of pract...
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The New Google Glass Is Built for Enterprise
In January, Google had a back to the drawing board moment with Google Glass. It shut down its Glass Explorer program, took the product off the market,...
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Google Glass Picture Taking Could Get Even Dweebier
If you thought you looked cool wearing Google Glass before, wait till you see this. Google has been awarded a patent that allows “a computing de...
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Google Glass ‘Version 2’ Is in the Works, Says Eyewear Maker
Good news for those of you who shed a tear when Google took Glass off the market – an Italian eyewear company (who has a previous partnership with G...
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Google Glass Is Far from Dead, Says Eric Schmidt
If you think Google Glass is dead, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt would like to tell you you’re wrong. “It is a big and very fundament...
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Google Glass Will Be Back When It’s ‘Perfect’
Last month, Google Glass Explorer Edition went off the market. While it’s been pretty clear that the device would be back in one capacity or ano...
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Google Glass: If You Want One, You Better Get It Now
As has been widely reported, Google Glass, at least in its current form, is going away. Google says it will continue to develop the technology, and we...
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Google Glass: Looking Back On 3 Years Of Ridicule
It was nearly three years ago that Google first unveiled its “crazy future glasses,” under the label Project Glass, which would go on to b...
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Google Glass Is Going Off the Market, but It’s Not Dead Yet
As of January 19, the average Joe will no longer be able to purchase Google Glass. Google is shutting down its Glass Explorer program, which first ope...
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Could Google Glass Find Success After All?
While Google Glass hasn’t even had a proper consumer launch yet, many have already written of its impending demise. People seem to have already ...
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Google Glass Is Now Officially Banned in Theaters, Shockingly
In oh, no shit news, commonly out-of-touch organization the Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners have ...
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Google Glass Gets Android Notifications
Google announced the launch of a new notification sync feature for Google Glass, enabling users to see Android app notifications on the device. The fe...
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Google Glass Addiction Is Apparently a Thing Now, Leads to Involuntary Temple Tapping
First, they were persecuted. Then, they were addicted. Yes, it appears that full-blown dependency is the next great tribulation of the Google Glass su...
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Google Glass Withdrawal Symptoms Worse Than Alcohol?
Like drugs, technology is an addicting and highly sought after augmented reality that generates dependency. Google Glass is a wearable technology with...
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You Probably Shouldn’t Text and Drive with Google Glass Either, Says Study
If one of your reasons for possibly purchasing Google Glass is safer communication while driving, you might want to rethink your assumptions. In what ...
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Google Demos Glass at Big City ‘Basecamps’
Google is currently jumping through hurdles, both legally and culturally, to promote Google Glass and try to make the wearable tech more accepted in a...
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Google Glass Founder Is Heading to Amazon
Babak Parviz, the guy who once headed up Google’s experimental wing Google X and gave us Google Glass, was jumped over to Amazon. Parviz made a ...
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Google Glass Was Made For Search
Babak Parviz, known as the creator of Google Glass, who led the project until Google replaced him with Ivy Ross recently, spoke at the Wearable Techno...
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Google Glass Likely Banned from UK Movie Theaters
Google Glass has been available in the UK for less than a week, but the largest cinema group in the region is already stating that the wearable tech w...
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