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Feedly Gets More Business-Friendly with Shared Collections
Feedly announced a new feature for its paid Feedly Pro service that aims to help people share content with their teammates, colleagues, and followings...
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Feedly And Evernote Go Down, Hit By DDoS Attacks
No, it’s not just you. Feedly is down because it’s been attacked. In fact, both Feedly and Evernote were hit by denial of service attacks....
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Feedly Pro Launches with Search, HTTPS, and Better Support
Feedly, the RSS reader that took an early and substantial lead when everybody went shopping for a Google Reader replacement, has finally taken the vei...
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Feedly Fixes A Bunch Of Stuff, Says Mini Toolbar Will Be Back In The Fall
Feedly announced a bunch of fixes it has made to various features, and that it is working on bringing the mini toolbar back. The feature which went mi...
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Feedly Launches Web Version, Announces All Users Now On Feedly Cloud
Earlier this week, Feedly began pointing users to a message about its migration to the Feedly Cloud, as it stops depending on Google Reader. Users wer...
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Feedly Issues ‘Important’ Update About Google Reader Migration
Last week, news came out that Feedly had become self-reliant, as in no longer relying on Google Reader to function. The following message appeared on ...
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Feedly No Longer Relies On Google Reader
Feedly, one of the news readers hoping to become your replacement for Google Reader, is apparently now self-reliant. In the “what’s new...
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Feedly, In Its Quest To Become Your Google Reader Replacement, Discusses Upcoming Features
Google Reader users who haven’t moved on to alternatives will soon have to face reality. Google Reader will be no more in less than a month. Fee...
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Feedly Goes Down As Demand From Google Reader Users Surges
As you probably know by now, Google announced last week that it is shutting down Google Reader. Meanwhile, a lot of users are experimenting with some ...
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