FCC Bans China Telecom from Operating in the US

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has revoked China Telecom’s authority to operate in the US.

President Biden to Nominate Jessica Rosenworcel to FCC Chair

President Biden is preparing to make his nominations for key positions, including nominating Jessica Rosenworcel as FCC Chair.

Zoom’s Five9 Purchase Under National Security Review

Zoom’s purchase of Five9, a leading intelligent cloud contact center provider, is undergoing a US national security review.

Supreme Court Upholds FCC Local Media Regulation

The Supreme Court has unanimously upheld the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) decision to ease local media ownership rules.

On His Way Out, Ajit Pai Warns of China’s Threats to Telecoms

Ajit Pai has stepped down as Federal Communications Commission Chairman, but he had some parting words of warning regarding China.

AT&T Fined $700,000 by the FCC Over Plan-Switching

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission this week issued an Enforcement Bureau consent decree stating that AT&T has agreed to pay $700,000 to the U.S. Department of Treasury to “resolve complaints that the company switched certain consumers to its mandatory monthly…

FCC Acknowledges Google Street View Investigation

Google’s winning streak with respect to the Street View privacy breach might be coming to an end.  Although the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office and the Federal Trade Commission let the company off the hook, the Federal Communications Commission confirmed this week that it’s started looking into the matter.