Bill Murray Takes Viewers On a Rum-Filled Tour Of Moonrise Kingdom

It’s a basic law of pop culture that Bill Murray can get away with just about anything this day and age. He’s an icon who’s own personality is just as big, if not more so than the filmography he’s accrued…

Twitter Users Poke Fun At Siri, Latest Feature Announcement

Many features were announced for the iPhone 4S: 1080p video recording, iCloud, and a faster processor. However, there’s one feature which looks to be the most captivating and hilarious. It’s Siri. While keeping up with Twitter traffic, there was a…

Google Maps Being Featured On Virgin Flights

The Red Touch-Screen Entertainment Platform Upgrades Include an Open Tab Service, Next Gen Google Maps and the First-Ever Digital In-Flight Shopping Platform. With this latest upgrade, travelers access to a host of new amenities, including next generation, enhanced terrain view Google Maps, an open tab service for the airline’s one-of-a-kind on-demand menu and the first ever seatback in-flight digital shopping platform.

MySpace Redesigns Profile Pages

MySpace has long been criticized for poor design and as part of a turnaround effort, the struggling social networker has finally done something about it.  The new profiles are not available throughout the site, but Sean Percival, MySpace’s VP of Online Marketing, tweeted about his own "clean new" profile early on Friday.

TweetDeck Adds Some Popular Features

Twitter desktop and iPhone utility Tweetdeck, a popular time saver for managing your presence across multiple social networks, has released an upgrade which includes:

YouTube Still Rolling Out Page Updates

YouTube has been testing page design upgrades and last week added a highlights view for comments that summarizes top rated comments, uploader comments and responses that can be drilled into for more detail.  YouTube also made some improvements to their new like/dislike ratings system. You’ll need to opt-in to be part of the test of these new features.