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Tag: Experian Hitwise

Black Friday Saw Online Retail Traffic Jump 60% Year-Over-Year
As previously reported, this year’s Black Friday was a record one for e-commerce, having surpassed a billion dollars in spending, according to c...
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Online Retail Is Ridiculously Strong This Year
Online spending in the U.S. reached an incredible new high on Cyber Monday, hitting $1.46 Billion for the day, according to comScore. This is the heav...
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Google Sees Lowest Search Market Share In 5 Years In UK [Report]
Experian Hitwise has released new data about the search market in the UK, indicating that Google’s share has fallen below 90% in the country. Go...
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Bing Search Climbs 5% Year-Over-Year, Google Slips
The Bing-Yahoo tag-team continues to chip away at Google’s dominance in search, according to the latest report from Experian Hitwise, while Goog...
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Conflicting Report Shows Google Sinking, Yahoo! Rising
Earlier today, comScore numbers were leaked showing that both Google and Bing were rising slightly in market share at the combined expense of Yahoo! N...
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Fact: UK Internet Users Actually Pronounce “Search” As “Google”
Experian Hitwise pointed out yesterday that UK internet users’ visits to search engines is sustaining a massive growth rate. Year-on-year, there...
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Mitt Romney To Win Florida If We Go By Site Traffic
At this point, political pundits seems to think that the Florida Primary race is too close to call. The common belief is that either Mitt Romney or Ne...
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Google+ Traffic Booms But No One Can Agree On How Much
I’m pretty sure that nobody knows exactly how much Google+ has. Last month GlobalWebIndex said there were over 150 million users. Other reports ...
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Pinterest Is Getting Huge
Experian Hitwise put out a report today looking at how popular online pinboard site Pinterest is getting. While this is only showing U.S. data, this g...
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Google+ Has Its Third Best Week Ever, People Staying Longer Each Visit
Experian Hitwise has some good news for Google+, as a new report says visits to the site are on an upswing. According to the data, Google+ received mo...
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Google+ Traffic Grows 1269% After Ditching Invitations
New data from Experian Hitwise suggests that Google+ has exploded since Google decided to open the social network to the public. Last week, Google beg...
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Fantasy Football Visits Reach 3-Year High
Visits to fantasy football sites are the highest they’ve been in three years, according to new data from Experian Hitwise. Some interesting stat...
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Who’s Using Google+ ?
Experian Hitwise has put out a new look at the early adopters of Google+. The service has been out for about a month and a half now, and the invites a...
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Visits to Google+ And Time Spent On Site Decline in U.S.
Experian Hitwise has shared some new data with us regarding Google+. According to the firm, Google+ received over 1.79 million total U.S. visits last ...
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Google+ the 638th Most Visited Site in the US
A week ago, Google CEO Larry Page announced that Google+ had surpassed 10 million users. A couple days ago, Paul Allen, founder of estima...
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Experian Hitwise: Google On Six-Month Losing Streak
As Larry Page goes about reorganizing Google to his liking, he might do well to transfer a few extra engineers to the search team. Google’s sear...
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Social Media Beats Entertainment Category In UK
One month before The Social Network lost to The King’s Speech at the Oscars, it seems that a category of sites led by Facebook pulled off a big ...
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Bing, Yahoo Increase Market Share Again In February
Although the effect’s reminiscent of what dental tools would do to a gigantic block of marble, Bing and Yahoo continue to chip away at Google...
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Fashion Brands Using Facebook To Best Effect
Lots of companies have a strong presence on Facebook, with Chipotle, Ford, and NBC all making significant moves just this week.  But when it c...
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Bing’s Market Share Jumps Again
If the people behind Bing happened to make gaining market share a New Year's resolution, they got off to a great start.  Experian Hitwise rele...
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