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Tag: Elizabeth Warren

IRS Is Creating a Free Tax Filing Service Over the Industry’s Objections
The Internal Revenue Service is moving forward with plans to unveil a free tax filing service, despite objections from the tax industry....
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Lawmakers Investigate SVB’s ‘Backscratching Arrangements’ With Tech Execs
Lawmakers want answers regarding "backscratching arrangements" between Silicon Valley Bank and tech execs....
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Lawmakers Call for Regulating Cryptomining
Several lawmakers have sent a letter to the heads of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE) to express concerns abou...
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Senators Ask the FTC to Investigate Microsoft’s Activision Acquisition
US Senators are asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the Microsoft/Activision deal, over concerns regarding Activision's past scandals....
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Lawmakers Introduce Bills to Ban Mergers Over $5 Billion
US Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Mondaire Jones have introduced bills to ban corporate mergers over $5 billion....
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Lawmakers Introduce Bill Requiring Disclosure of Ransomware Payments
Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Deborah Ross have introduced a bill that would require companies to disclose ransomware payments....
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IRS Under Investigation For Illegally Tracking Americans via Their Phones
The IRS is under investigation by the US Treasury's Inspector General for purchasing smartphone data to illegally track Americans....
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Senators Express Alarm Over FBI Secretly Demanding Data From Credit Agencies
Documents have come to light exposing the FBI’s practice of secretly demanding information about Americans from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. A...
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Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken Among Six Senators Urging a Swift Death for the Comcast/Time Warner Merger
In a letter addressed to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler and Attorney General Eric Holder, six Senators are urging the blockage...
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Elizabeth Warren Calls For Probe Into The Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Elizabeth Warren, United States senator from Massachusetts, has called for an investigation into the relationships the Federal Reserve Bank of New Yor...
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Elizabeth Warren Defends Israeli Airstrikes Hitting Schools
One of the toughest parts about making sense of the conflict between Israel and Palestine is that so many kids are getting killed. People in the faraw...
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Elizabeth Warren: Could She Run? Could She Win?
Senator Elizabeth Warren seems to have exploded out of nowhere, much like another young senator did in 2008. Warren was a Harvard Law School professor...
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Federal Student Loans Are Choking People
Here is a startling statistic that you may not be aware of. Outstanding student loans have surpassed credit card debt in this country. They stand at $...
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Elizabeth Warren Won’t Run For President
Senator Elizabeth Warren has left little room for doubt that she has no plans to run for President in 2016. In fact, many Democrats are now shifting t...
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Elizabeth Warren Student Loan Bill Up for Senate Vote Wednesday
Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has been working on behalf of Americans with student loan debt since she took office in 2012. The first bill the freshman sena...
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Elizabeth Warren Seeks to Lessen Student Loan Burden
On Monday, President Obama signed an executive order which would extend the ability to cap one’s student loan repayment amount at 10 percent of ...
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Elizabeth Warren as Hillary’s VP?
The United States has never had a female President. That may not seem all that strange to people in the U.S — disappointing, but not surprising....
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Student Loan Default Protection May be Near
If your heart involuntarily jumps whenever you see “student loans” trending in the news with the hopes that well— maybe they’r...
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Elizabeth Warren Speaks Out Against Wall Street: Too Big Too Fail Is Even Bigger?
The view that initially got Elizabeth Warren elected to the Senate, her strict criticism of Wall Street, has surfaced again in a critical speech. Thro...
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$22 Minimum Wage Matches U.S. Productivity, Says Senator
Though the minimum wage in the U.S. has risen in recent years, the current $7.25 per hour minimum wage is still looking sparse when considered next to...
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