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Tag: Eduardo Saverin

This Was Facebook’s Ad Pitch Eight Years Ago
Remember the Facebook of old? There were no Timelines, no FarmVille requests, not even a news feed. It was powered by wall posts after hazy nights of ...
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Eduardo Saverin Talks Facebook With Veja
We’ve been covering Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, and his plan to renounce his United States citizenship all throughout May. First, he wa...
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Eduardo Saverin Congratulates Facebook, Zuckerberg for IPO
Who says money can’t buy everything? Well, maybe it can’t, but it sure can buy various levels of forgiveness, provided it was even require...
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Facebook Co-Founder Responds to Allegations of a Scam
As you may recall Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has been getting a lot of grief over his decision to renounce his United States citizenship and ...
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Senator Responds to Saverin’s Tax Scheme
We’ve been following Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and his exit from the United States involving him renouncing his US citizenship. Accord...
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Saverin May Never See the United States Again
You might remember we’ve been reporting on Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin’s exit from the United States. He has renounced his United ...
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Facebook Co-Founder Severin Could Save $67 Million
You might recall last Friday when we reported on Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin. Eduardo attended Harvard with Mark Zuckerberg and helped Faceboo...
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Facebook Co-Founder Makes Excuses for Renouncing US Citizenship
As we reported on friday, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has renounced his United States citizenship which he has held since 1998. Saverin moved ...
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Facebook Co-Founder Resigns Citizenship to Escape High U.S. Taxes
If you haven’t been living under a rock you know Facebook is about to go public and that current estimates value the company in the $90 billion+...
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The Social Network Receives 8 Academy Award Nominations
The Academy Awards nominations list has just been released, and everybody's favorite Facebook movie is up for 8 awards. These include: Best Picture...
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