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Sierra Leone: World Health Organization Declares African Country Free of Ebola
Sierra Leone was deemed free of Ebola by the World Health Organization on Saturday. This means the nation has passed two incubation periods–a to...
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Why Is Nina Pham, Ebola Survivor, Suing Texas Health?
Last October, Nina Pham became the first person to contract Ebola in the United States. Pham, a nurse for Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, got the ...
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Nina Pham, the Nurse Who Survived Ebola, Says She ‘Had No Choice’ But to Sue Hospital
Nina Pham, the first person to ever contract Ebola in the United States, says she “had no choice” but to sue the hospital where she contra...
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Nina Pham: Ebola Nurse to Sue Dallas Hospital
Nina Pham made headlines when she contracted Ebola after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient to die from the disease in the U.S., in a Da...
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Bob Simon: Final ’60 Minutes’ Segment Airs Sunday
Bob Simon was a beloved news reporter for many years. Sadly, he passed away this past week after a car he was riding in crashed in New York City. The ...
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Amber Vinson: Bridal Shop Closed After Visit from Ebola Patient
Amber Vinson is one of the Dallas, Texas nurses who contracted Ebola after caring for a patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. That pat...
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Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence in Ebola PSA
Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, and Josh Hutcherson–all members of the Hunger Games cast–got together recently to create a PSA to help ...
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World Cup Was the Biggest Thing on Facebook in 2014
It’s that time of the year again – the time for year-in-review updates. Facebook is early to the party, and has already announced the most-dis...
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Sierra Leone: The Battle Against Ebola Rages On
More than half of Sierra Leone’s population is under quarantine as the Ebola outbreak continues to cause deaths in the country. The outbreak has cla...
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Amber Vinson, the Dallas Nurse Who Had Ebola, Seeks a Refund From Bridal Shop
Amber Vinson, the nurse who contracted Ebola and caused a furor when she boarded a plane, sent a letter to an Ohio bridal shop Saturday asking for a r...
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Lily Allen Calls Ebola Charity Single “Smug”
Lily Allen refused to partake in the collaboration for the Band Aid 30 charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” During an inter...
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Ebola Nurse Action Figure Now Available
A toy manufacturer called Herobuilders has designed the “Case-E Ebola Nurse Action Figure.” While Herobuilders insists that Case-E has nothing...
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Kaci Hickox “Back to Normal” Post Ebola Quarantine
Kaci Hickox, the nurse who was quarantined in New Jersey and then ordered to self-monitor in Maine for the Ebola virus, said her life is “back t...
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Nancy Snyderman: Allowed to Return to NBC or Not?
Will Dr. Nancy Snyderman be allowed to return to NBC? The network’s chief medical editor traveled to Liberia where she was exposed to Ebola, and...
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Google Asks for Ebola Donations, Will Match 2:1
If you opened up today, you may have noticed that Google is now prompting users to donate to the fight against Ebola. And for every dollar ...
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Amber Vinson Cleared Of Ebola, Gets A Kiss From George W. Bush
On Friday, November 7, Amber Vinson got the all-clear. She was one of the two nurses who contracted Ebola after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, who got...
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Lara Logan Under Ebola Quarantine
CBS News foreign affairs correspondent Lara Logan has quarantined herself regarding the Ebola virus after visiting Liberia to produce a segment for 60...
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Ebola Quarantine Acceptable to New Jersey Voters
A poll conducted in New Jersey revealed that most voters agreed with Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to quarantine a nurse from Maine who had rec...
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Facebook Asks You to Donate to Fight Ebola
Facebook is about to ask all of its users to donate to the fight against Ebola. Not since Facebook pushed its users to sign up for organ donation has ...
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Ebola Panic Costs Kentucky Teacher Her Job
Susan Sherman, a religious education teacher at a Catholic school in Louisville, Kentucky, recently went on a mission trip to Kenya. When she got back...
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