DirecTV Drops the Ball Again on ‘NFL Sunday Ticket’

DirecTV users were up in arms after the streaming service dropped the ball again on NFL Sunday Ticket.

DirecTV Joins SpaceX, OneWeb in Objecting to Dish Network’s 5G Plans

The hits keep on coming for Dish Network’s 5G plans, with rival DirecTV contacting the FCC with concerns about the impact on satellite TV.

DirecTV Prices Going Up in January

DirecTV is raising its streaming and satellite TV packages starting in January.

AT&T and TPG Capital Complete DirecTV Spin-Off

AT&T and TPG Capital have completed their DirecTV deal, spinning off the brand from AT&T.

AT&T Will Spin Off DirecTV

After months of exploring a potential sale of DirecTV, AT&T has decided to spin off the satellite TV service.

5G Auction Blows Past $76 Billion, Shattering Estimates

The auction for 5G spectrum in the US has shattered estimates, passing $76 billion as of Monday.

AT&T Getting Serious About Selling DirecTV, Fielding Offers

AT&T is reportedly fielding offers to sell its DirecTV satellite service, as the service shrinks due to the rise of streaming options.

T-Mobile TVision Giving Customers 30+ Free Channels

T-Mobile informed TVision subscribers they will be receiving 30+ channels, normally part of the Vibe plan, for free.

AT&T Looking to Get Rid of DirecTV

AT&T is said to be pursuing a sale of DirecTV as the satellite TV service has lost ground against streaming services.

AT&T CEO Expects Significant Growth in SVoD as DIRECTV Declines

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson says that he expects to see significant growth in their SVoD business as their DIRECTV business declines. Stephensen empasized that the declining subscriber numbers for DIRECTV was something they always expected.

AT&T / DirecTV Deal Gets Thumbs Up from FCC, with Conditions

After “careful, thorough review,” the Federal Communications Commission has given AT&T and green light to acquire DirecTV. The combined entity will boast about 26 million customers. Say hello to the new largest pay TV company in the US. The approval…

AT&T, DirecTV Merger Reportedly Nearing Approval

It appears to be smooth sailing for AT&T in its acquisition of DirecTV, as the merger has reportedly cleared one major hurdle and is about to clear the last. Reuters reports that the Department of Justice has already wrapped up…

The AT&T/DirecTV Merger Will Likely Be Approved: Report

It doesn’t appear that federal regulators are going to stand in the way of AT&T’s bid to acquire DirecTV. According to sources quoted in the Wall Street Journal both the Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission are almost done…

Netflix Doesn’t Like the AT&T/DirecTV Merger

If AT&T’s proposed merger of DirecTV is approved, it would create the largest pay-TV provider in the country. And according to Netflix, the merger in its current form is bad for everyone. The streaming company has written a letter to…

AT&T Officially Buying DirecTV For Nearly $50 Billion

After weeks of rumor and speculation, AT&T has officially announced that it will acquire DirecTV in a stock-and-cash transaction for $95 per share based on AT&T’s Friday closing price, putting it at $48.5 billion. The deal will still face regulator…

AT&T/DirecTV Deal Reportedly Just Weeks Away

Earlier this month, reports indicated that AT&T was considering acquiring DirecTV in a deal that would be worth at least $40 billion. The merger would create a entity that would serve roughly 26 million subscribers. At the time, there was…

AT&T Said To Seek DirecTV Acquisition

First Comcast and Time Warner proposed a merger, which is still going through the regulatory rounds. Now, according to The Wall Street Journal, AT&T is considering acquiring DirecTV in a deal it says would be worth at least $40 billion.…

NFL Sunday Ticket On YouTube? Yes, Please.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves here, let’s be clear right up front. As far we know, this is not something that is currently in the cards. But… DirecTV’s contract with the NFL, which makes it the exclusive…

Pac-12 Network Turns To Social Media To Challenge DirecTV

The televising of college football is big, big business. Remember all that college sports conference realignment stuff? That was driven by college football, as conference members scrambled over each other in an effort to align themselves with a conference that…

Peyton & Eli Manning Rap, Mock Alexander Graham Bell’s Death In New DirecTV Ad

DirecTV has a new “Football on Your Phone” ad out today, and it features the Manning brothers rapping about just that. As one who would fully expect for this to be incredibly unfunny, I have to admit I was pleasantly…