Small Businesses Need A Cybersecurity Plan, Too. Here’s Where To Start

Small businesses need a cybersecurity plan, too. Here are some tips as to where to start. Read more in the article below.

DHS Announces $1 Billion State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program

The Department of Homeland security is launching the first-of-its-kind cybersecurity grant program for state, local, and territorial (SLT) governments.

Patreon Just Let Its Entire Security Team Go [Updated]

Patreon may have just put a massive target on its back with the news that it has reportedly laid off its entire security team.

Hyundai Secures Its Vehicles Systems With Sample Encryption Keys

In what may be one of the worst examples of cybersecurity, Hyundai is being called out for using example encryption keys for its security.

PSA: macOS Users Should Update Zoom Immediately

Zoom has released an update to its macOS client that fixes a severe vulnerability, one that could give a user root access.

CloudBees: 45% of Execs Are Only Halfway Through Securing Supply Chain

The latest report from CloudBees is bad news for the cloud industry, with many companies still not fully securing their supply chain.

DDoS Perpetrators Are Clever, But DDoS Mitigation Services Are No Straggler

While DDoS perpetrators are clever, DDoS mitigation services are no straggler. Learn more in the article below.

T-Mobile Agrees to $350 Million Settlement Data Breach

T-Mobile has agreed to a $350 million settlement over a data breach in 2021 that impacted some 76 million US individuals.

Microsoft Buying Cybersecurity Startup Miburo

Microsoft is continuing its efforts to bolster cybersecurity, announcing a deal to purchase startup firm Miburo.

Worldwide Government Agencies Warn of MSP Cyberattacks

Managed service providers (MSPs) are coming under increased cyberattack, according to multiple government agencies worldwide.

Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Security Experts Managed Services

Microsoft is moving further into the realm of cybersecurity, unveiling new managed services to help its customers tackle security challenges.

Top Ways That AI Improves Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence can use predictive analytics to detect, deter, and destroy cyber threats. Read on for more below.

Windows 10 and 11 Have a Critical, Seven Month-Old Zero-Day Flaw

Windows has a critical, zero-day flaw and the worst part is that Microsoft has known about it for seven months and can’t seem to fix it.

Microsoft Confirms Lapsus$ Hack, Interrupted It In Progress

Microsoft has confirmed it was at least partially compromised by hacking group Lapsus$, saying it interrupted the attack in progress.

AI Represents Major Risk to Banking Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the banking industry’s Achilles heel, making it more vulnerable to Russian cyberattacks.

Okta CEO Confirms Breach Attempt in January, No Major Concern Now

On the heels of news Lapsus$ was claiming it breached Okta, the company’s CEO has confirmed an attempt in January.

Biden Warns of Russian Cyberattacks

President Joe Biden is warning American businesses of increased risk of cyberattacks as Russia looks to retaliate against sanctions.

Google Buying Mandiant For $5.4 Billion

Google and Mandiant have confirmed a deal for Google to acquire the cybersecurity firm for $5.4 billion.

Microsoft Backs Out of Mandiant Talks, Google Now the Frontrunner

Microsoft has dropped out of talks to acquire security firm Mandiant, with Google taking its place as the likely buyer.

FBI: Don’t Take Personal Devices to Beijing Olympics

The FBI is warning athletes to leave their personal devices at home when they travel to Beijing for the Winter Olympics.