We Want America To Be the Leader in 5G, Says FCC Chairman

“We want America to be the leader in 5G,” says FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. “We want to put the building blocks in place so that we can have the possible fastest network so all applications can operate at scale. If we get it right, especially when it comes to a transformative technology like 5G, we’re confident that we will see even more competition and more innovation.”

Cisco CEO: Last Year We Blocked 7 Trillion Cybersecurity Threats

The CEO of Cisco says that last year they blocked seven trillion cybersecurity threats or about 20 billion per day. He says that by and large cybersecurity organizations inside of their customers are very good.

Crypto Expert: Bitcoin is More of a Collectible

The co-founder of crypto security firm BlaKFX says that Bitcoin was a great proof of concept and will be around for a long time, but it’s more of a collectible. “You need to have common liquidity pools,” says Kara Coppa, BlaKFX co-founder, and COO.

Intelligence Expert: How Twitter and Facebook Are Being Co-Opted by Governments for Control

Sophisticated automated bots are being increasingly used on Twitter and Facebook by foreign governments as a method to silence dissent and to target journalist, according to Sam Wooley, Digital Intelligence Lab director.

Rapid7 CEO: We Have Not Designed Our Technology Ecosystem to be 100% Secure

The recent massive data breach at Facebook have brought to focus that if one of largest technology companies in the world can have their data compromised then any company, large or small, is vulnerable.

Cybersecurity is Rapidly Changing

“It’s time we bring this to all defenders, not just customers of a certain organization. Carbon Black is on a mission to make the world safe from cyber attacks.

Microsoft Warns of Rising Tech Support Scams, Calls for Industry-Wide Cooperation

Incidents of tech support scams targeting susceptible PC users are increasing, Microsoft warned. The company received 153,000 reported complaints from consumers in 2017, 24 percent higher than the prior year, according to its detailed security report released on Friday. Image…

Apple & Cisco Team Up to Offer Cybersecurity Insurance

Apple and Cisco are forging a new path in their partnership. The two companies announced on Monday that they are working with insurance company Allianz and Aon, a premier risk evaluator, to assist their customers in having the best cyber…

Alphabet Takes Aim at Cybercrime with its Launch of ‘Chronicle’

As internet users are becoming more aware of online threats, cybersecurity is becoming a serious challenge for internet firms as they scramble for ways to dampen their users’ fears over online vulnerability. To take advantage of this need for more…

Amazon Web Services Acquires Cybersecurity Startup Sqrrl

Cybersecurity will always remain a big issue that computing companies such as Amazon Web Services will have to address every time they court potential clients. After all, these clients will want assurance that their sensitive data will remain secure when stored…