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Tag: Computer

Apple Changes Trade-In Policy, Now Accepts Macs In-Store
Apple has changed its trade-in policy to accept in-person Mac trade-ins at the Apple Store....
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Apple Security Flaw Is “As Bad As You Could Imagine”
Apple is performing an emergency software fix this week to correct a security flaw putting both iPhone and Mac users at risk. After it was brought to ...
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Antivirus Software – How Helpful Is It?
The recent Target security breach allowed hackers to obtain the credit card numbers and information of several thousand customers. Target was using an...
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Google Celebrates The Legacy Of The Manchester Baby
The computer, smartphone or tablet you’re reading this on owes its existence to one very special machine. Today, Google is celebrating the 65th ...
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This Computer Program Is A Pictionary Pro
Object identification is one of the major challenges facing computer programmers today. The robots of the future must be able to recognize even the sm...
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Apple 1 Computer Goes For $374,000 At Auction
I’m a Windows fan now, but that doesn’t mean that I hate Apple. In fact, I have a soft spot for the Apple II – my very first compute...
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The Evolution Of The Computer Virus
The computer virus, or just malware in general, is unique among computer programs because it evolves just like a real virus. It can change and mutate ...
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Smart Cars Eliminate Waiting At Traffic Lights
Have you ever sat at a four-way intersection and wondered if you could zip in and out of oncoming traffic to get across? If you have, you’re a d...
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Scary New Virus Will Make Your Computer Cry
It’s natural for viruses to mutate in nature and become stronger over time. The scary thing is that it’s now happening to computer viruses. Mutati...
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