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Rep. Mike Rogers Is Not Giving Up On CISPA
Back in April, the House once again passed CISPA – a controversial cybersecurity bill that would allow the government to share information with ...
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Senate Finally Gets Around To Drafting A Cybersecurity Bill
Earlier this year, the House proved yet again that it doesn’t care about your privacy by passing CISPA. The controversial cybersecurity bill wou...
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Google Has Some Thoughts On What You Can Do To Help Stop Bills Like SOPA
One of the most valuable allies in the fight against SOPA last year was Google. The search giant gave millions of Internet users the tools necessary t...
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For What It’s Worth, The House Thinks The Government Shouldn’t Control The Internet
Does the government want to regulate the Internet? It really depends on who you ask. Internet freedom fighters say legislation like SOPA and CISPA are...
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White House Finally Responds To CISPA Petition, Says Cybersecurity Legislation Must Respect Privacy
CISPA is all but dead once again, and the Senate is moving ahead with its own cybersecurity legislation. That doesn’t mean the fight is over tho...
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CISPA Add-On Banning Employers from Seeking Facebook Passwords Killed
As you probably know, on Thursday the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, better known as CISPA. T...
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CISPA Is Kind Of Dead, But Not Really
Last week, a cry rang out from privacy advocates everywhere as the House overwhelmingly passed CISPA. Those same advocates soon gathered up their forc...
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Senate To Take Up Email Privacy Bill Today
UPDATE: And it passed. Last week, Sen. Patrick Leahy said that the Senate Judiciary Committee would be marking up an update to the Electronic Communic...
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Technology Subreddit Goes Dark In Protest Of CISPA
Last year, all of Reddit went dark in protest of SOPA. It doesn’t look like the site will be doing it again for CISPA, but one of its more popul...
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Anonymous Organizes CISPA Blackout, Not Many Web Sites Show Up
The SOPA blackout protest was something else. Google, Wikipedia, Reddit and other major online players blacked out part or all of their Web sites in o...
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House Passes CISPA, Controversial Cybersecurity Bill Moves To Senate
During a vote in the House today, a majority of representatives voted in favor of passing CISPA for the second year in a row. Now the bill heads to th...
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CISPA Amendment Stripped Of Its Pro-Privacy Provision
We reported yesterday that CISPA was finally shaping up. Rep. Mike McCaul introduced an amendment late into the game that would have forced companies ...
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House Approves Pro-Privacy CISPA Amendment
UPDATE: The amendment no longer contains pro-privacy language. The language requiring companies to share information only with the DHS was removed bef...
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Rep. Mike Rogers Blocks Pro-Privacy Amendments From Being Added To CISPA
The House will vote on CISPA this week. This vote will decide whether or not the House majority thinks companies should be able to share your private ...
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White House Threatens To Veto CISPA, Recommends Fixes To Bill’s Language
Last week, the White House said that CISPA still had some problems that weren’t addressed by the amendments added during its markup period. Unfo...
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Civil Liberty Groups Still Don’t Like CISPA, Issue Open Letter To Congress
After a closed door markup, CISPA emerged from the House Intelligence Committee with some new amendments. Rep. Mike Rogers, the author of the bill, sa...
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Senate Judiciary Committee To Debate ECPA Reform This Week
ECPA, or the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, has long been in need of an update. The Senate tried last year, but ran out of time. Now it’...
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Obama Administration Says CISPA Still Has Some Issues
On Wednesday, CISPA came closer to reality as it passed the markup phase in the House Intelligence Committee. Now the bill has to make it through the ...
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CISPA Advances: Do You Trust Congress With Your Privacy?
Well, that didn’t take long. The Hill reports that the House Intelligence Committee met in secret Wednesday to mark up CISPA and approve any las...
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Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Calls Up Larry Page To Talk CISPA
Pro-privacy proponents and Internet activists are obviously concerned about CISPA. The bill would allow corporations to share private user data with t...
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