Google Wants to Help You Expand Your Twitter Network

Google has launched a new Labs project called Google Follow Finder. It’s designed to help you expand your Twitter network.

To use Google Follow Finder, you can enter your Twitter account name and see a list of people Google thinks you might be interested in following (our own Twellow has a helpful suggestion feature too). Google’s tool will also let you enter other people’s Twitter names and get suggestions based on that.

Price, Dates Of First Twitter Conference Announced

A couple of important questions regarding Chirp – AKA the first Official Twitter Developer Conference – have finally been answered.  Would-be attendees now know which dates to be in San Francisco (April 14th and 15th) and how much money they’ll have to spend ($469).

These facts were posted on the official Chirp homepage today, and the first 100 tickets (out of a total of 800) were released, too.  Interest seems to be high so far.