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Teens, Get the Hell Off Your Phones and Drive
This post is brought to you by cranky old men everywhere. Teens, put down your goddamn phones and look at the road. Stop changing tracks on Spotify, s...
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Cellphone Deals Can Be Found Year Round
Cellphone deals seem like they would be exclusive to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and that is mostly true. If you’re in the market for the lat...
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Unlocking Your Cellphone Is Now Legal – Again
Today, President Obama will sign a bill into law that The White House calls “a win for American consumers, a win for wireless competition, and a...
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Cellphone Unlocking Bill Passes House, Heads to Obama’s Desk
The House has unanimously passed legislation, unanimously passed last week in the Senate, that will once again make it legal for consumers to unlock t...
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Cellphone Unlocking Bill Passes Senate, Heads to House
Late Tuesday, the Senate passed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act with a unanimous vote. The bill, introduced by Democratic V...
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Cellphone Unlocking Bill Passes Senate Committee
A Senate bill to reverse a Library of Congress decision and make unlocking your cellphone legal again has passed the Judiciary Committee. In January o...
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Checking Maps While Driving Not Part of Cellphone Ban, Rules California Court
A California appeals court has ruled that consulting Google Maps on your cellphone is not the same thing as talking or texting on said phone, and ther...
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Framily Plan- A Sprint Plan Frame-Up?
Calling all family, friends, enemies, frienemies– CNet tells us that Sprint has introduced a new family plan that they refuse to call anything o...
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Restaurant Offers Insane Discount If People Just Turn Off Their Damn Phones
One restaurant owner in Abu Ghosh, just outside of Jerusalem, is taking a stand against distracted eating. In “wow that’s great, but aren&...
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FCC May Greenlight Mid-Flight Cell Calls
Could you soon be permitted to call your loved ones while flying the friendly skies? According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Federal C...
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Bullet Hits Smartphone, Saves Gas Station Clerk’s Life
A Winter Garden, Florida gas station clerk was shot in the abdomen on Monday morning, and today he is alive after only sustaining minor injuries. He c...
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Cellphones May Not Cause Car Crashes, Show Study
It’s now a given that talking on the phone while driving is dangerous. Public service announcements, ads from mobile providers, and laws in many...
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Police Performing Warrantless Cellphone Searches After Car Crashes? Yep, There’s a Bill for That
Hey guys, meet my new favorite terrible state bill. Narrowly beating out the Internet Posting Removal Act, an Illinois bill that’ll make your he...
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Wireless Carriers Back Worthless Cellphone Unlocking Bill
Should you be able to unlock your cellphone? Wireless carriers used to not think so, but now the industry’s lobbying group seems to be fine with...
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House To Hold Hearing On Worthless Cellphone Unlocking Bill Next Week
Pretty much everybody in Washington agrees with the common man – you should be able to unlock your cellphone without fear of repercussion. Where...
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Theatergoing Hero Threw Woman’s Cellphone When She Refused to Shut Up, Stop Googling
Kevin Williamson is a theater critic and a writer for the National Review. This does not make him a hero. What does make him a hero is that he took ac...
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Mapping While Driving Ruled Illegal in California
Thanks to a recent court ruling by a California appellate court, it doesn’t matter that you were only checking your smartphone to update Google ...
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White House: “It’s Time to Legalize Cell Phone Unlocking”
Less than two weeks after a petition on the We The People site crossed the 100,000 signature threshold, the White House has issued on official respons...
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FCC Will ‘Look at’ the Illegal Phone Unlocking Issue
After gaining a lot of traction on the internet, the current illegality of unlocking cellphones will receive a federal investigation. Back in January,...
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Petition to Make Unlocking Phones Legal Again Crosses Signature Threshold
A petition to make unlocking cellphones legal again has crossed the signature threshold on the White House’s We The People petition site, meanin...
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