Virginia Following California’s Example With Privacy Law

Virginia is poised to join California in enacting comprehensive privacy legislation to protect its citizens.

FTC Demands Answers From Big Tech on Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued orders to nine social media and video platforms, inquiring about their data practices.

California Voters Pass Version 2.0 of the CCPA Privacy Legislation

California voters passed Proposition 24, widely considered to be version 2.0 of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

California Begins Enforcing New Privacy Law

Following a six month grace period, California has begun enforcing its new privacy regulation, effective July 1.

Mozilla’s Firefox VPN Now Available In Beta

Mozilla’s standalone Firefox VPN service has entered beta and is available for Windows, Android and Chromebooks.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: ‘The U.S. Needs a Data Protection Agency’

Even worse, much of that data was collected without consent or, at the very least, without users knowingly agreeing to it being collected. In the digital age, that data represents a gold mine for countless companies who profit from it.

Salesforce Co-CEO Says U.S. Needs National Privacy Law

Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block has come out in favor of a national privacy law, according to CNBC. Privacy is becoming one of the biggest battlegrounds for companies, governments and individuals alike. The U.S., however, does not have a comprehensive privacy…

Advertisers Balk At Google’s Plan To Kill Third-Party Cookies

In what is a surprise to no one, advertisers are begging Google not to kill third-party cookies in Chrome, according to CNBC. Google announced earlier this week its plans to phase out third-party cookies within two years. The company is…

Verizon Launches OneSearch, A Privacy-Focused Search Engine

Verizon has announced the launch of OneSearch, a brand-new search engine focused on privacy, according to a press release. Privacy is increasingly becoming a major factor for tech companies, governments and users alike. The European Union’s Genera Data Protection Regulation…

Mozilla Bringing California Privacy Protections To All Firefox Users

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect on January 1, but Mozilla has vowed to apply its protections to all Firefox users in 2020. CCPA is a law California passed to protect user privacy and give people more…

Twitter Making Changes Globally to Comply With Privacy Laws

Reuters is reporting that Twitter is making changes throughout its platform in an effort to comply with privacy legislation around the world. The company is aiming to navigate the different laws and jurisdictions impacting how it collects and uses data.…

Microsoft Vows to Abide by California Privacy Laws Throughout the U.S.

Privacy has become the new tech battleground, with companies like Google and Facebook seeking to profit from user data, while Apple and Microsoft have consistently come in on the side of protecting user privacy. Now, Microsoft has taken it a…