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New Study Focuses on Blood Vessels For Alzheimer’s Treatment
Researchers this week revealed new research showing that blood vessels in the brain may be associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The new study ha...
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Epilepsy-Treating Brain Implant Approved by FDA
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today approved a brain implant designed to treat epilepsy. The implant is now approved for use in the U.S....
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New Study: Our Brains Need Sleep To Clean Themselves
NPR reports that a new study from University of Rochester researchers may explain not only why we so desperately need sleep, but also the role sleep p...
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4,000 Year Old Preserved Human Brain Found in Turkey
Archaeologists in western Turkey have uncovered a 4,000-year-old human brain, preserved inside its skull. The brain, one of the oldest ever found, was...
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Brain Hacking Gets the AsapSCIENCE Treatment
Make someone happy with the push of a button? Make someone do a silly dance by delivering an electrical signal? Sign me up, brain hacking sounds aweso...
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Chronic Pain, Is It All In The Brain?
“Mind over matter” is advice that seems to come up again and again these days. Can this advice be helpful even with something as brutally ...
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Human Brain-to-Brain Interface Demonstrated [VIDEO]
Last month, researchers at Harvard University revealed that they have developed a brain-to-brain interface that can allow humans to control the moveme...
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Vitamin B: Alzheimer’s Might Have Met Its Match
A new study published this week shows that vitamin B may be just the thing scientists have been looking for when it comes to Alzheimer’s patient...
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Google Talk Deals With Building The Virtual Brain
Google Tech Talks always cover come interesting topics. This time, it’s the Virtual Brain – a project that involves the construction of a ...
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White House Officially Announces New Brain-Mapping Project
As expected, President Obama has officially announced a bold new brain-mapping project that will attempt to do for the human brain what the Human Geno...
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Will Google Offer A ‘Brain Interface’ Within The Next Ten Years?
Google put out a new Webmaster Help video today, though this one doesn’t really do much to help webmasters. It’s simply Matt Cutt respondi...
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The Obama Administration Has an Awesome New Brain-Mapping Project in the Pipeline
In the same way that the Human Genome Project has helped improve our understanding of human genetics, the White House is hoping that a new project cou...
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Scientists Capture The Birth Of A Thought On Video
Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder what my thoughts look like?” It’s the kind of meta-question that you normally would nev...
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Let’s Learn Some Stuff About Our Brains, Shall We? [VIDEO]
Today, our favorite YouTube science illustrators want to teach you about fast thinking and slow thinking with some cool brain tricks. I can see no rea...
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Smoking Rots Brain, Shows Aging Study
A new study shows that smoking, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular risk factors are associated with accelerated declines in memory, learnin...
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How the Brain Ages and How to Stop It [Infographic]
The most important thing to take from this infographic is that there are ways that you can maintain a healthy brain. The ways to do this are pretty si...
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Internet Addiction Infographic Raises Awareness
One study titled “Microstructure Abnormalities in Adolescents with Internet Addiction Disorder” from PLoS One concluded that adolescents w...
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Device That Reads Minds May Become a Reality
Have you ever wondered what or if a coma patient was thinking? Have you ever wanted to read someone’s mind or have your own mind read? Well, it ...
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Want To Watch Your Dreams on YouTube? Scientists Take The First Step
Well this just might be the coolest thing you’ll see all month. UC Berkeley scientists have found a way to use brain activity to recreate moving...
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