Twitter Testing Automated Account Labels

Twitter is testing a feature that would allow automated accounts and bots to sport labels in an effort to improve communication.

Satya Nadella: Microsoft Teams Becoming ‘Critical Infrastructure’

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is touting the company’s software in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

AI-Powered Conversational Bots Are Changing the Game, Says LivePerson CEO

You are messaging them. You are doing what’s natural to you. That’s really what we see as changing the game. We made a big pivot two years ago and launched a whole new platform. There’s a bigger future in bots and AI than there was in chat.

Democrats Created Fake Russian Twitter Bots to Influence Election

The New York Times reported that Democrats created fake Russian Twitter bots in a disinformation campaign, also known as fake news, in order to influence voters to influence the Senate election in Alabama.

Facebook Gives Developers Tools To Build Messenger Chatbots, Should Change How Businesses Is Done on Facebook

Well, we knew it was bound to be a big day for Messenger news with Facebook’s developer conference F8 kicking off, and it has so far been just that. Within its first hour, Facebook made a slew of announcements about…

YouTube Finally Ditches the 301+ View Count

The 301+ tyranny is over. YouTube has announced that it’s doing away with the dastardly practice of assigning the “301+” view count on popular new videos. As YouTube explains in the above image, the 301+ placeholder count was instituted with…

Instagram Has a Bot Problem, Despite ‘Purge’, Say Researchers

After looking at over 10.2 million accounts and studying the behavior of 20,000 purchased fake accounts, some Italian researchers have concluded that Instagram still has a bot problem. How bad is it? According to security researcher Andrea Stroppa, it’s not…

Most of Your Traffic Is Human, Says comScore

Good news, everyone! Unless you’re one of the unlucky few publishers on the wrong end of the spectrum, chances are good that the vast majority of your traffic is living, breathing humans. Among the top 85% of publishers comScore looked…

Twitter Says It Has About 23 Million Active Bots [UPDATED]

UPDATE: To clarify Twitter’s statement in the filing, the (up to) 8.5 percent of accounts that “automatically contacted our servers for regular updates without any discernable additional user-initiated action” could include apps pulling content and displaying it without manual user…

Bots Now Outnumber Humans On The Web

The Internet is the greatest communication tool that mankind has ever invented. As of June 30, 2012, there were almost 2.5 billion humans connected to the Internet. That number has most assuredly risen significantly since then thanks to the proliferation…