Ericsson Researchers Set New 5G Speed Record

“This is a fantastic achievement,” said Per Narvinger, Head of Product Area Networks. “To put 4.3Gbps in context, that is the equivalent of downloading one hour of ultra-high-definition, or 4K, content from a streaming service in just 14 seconds.

Ericsson CEO Says His Company Has ‘No One Ahead Of Us’ In 5G Tech

In an interview with CNBC, Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm countered claims that his company is behind Huawei in 5G, or that it’s getting a free ride due to security concerns about the Chinese company. “First, this whole notion that we…

Ericsson to Pay Over $1 Billion Fine to Settle Bribery Charges

ZDNet is reporting that Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson has pled guilty to bribing officials in multiple countries and agreed to pay more than $1 billion in fines. Ericsson admitted to engaging in a long-standing scheme to bribe officials in China,…

5G Penetration Is Rapidly Gaining Momentum, Says Ericsson CEO

What we see is the 5G penetration is rapidly gaining momentum, says Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm. Just over the last two years, it’s been accelerated by more than a year. We see a very drastic acceleration of the demand for 5G. So far it’s primarily driven by North America.