Bing Details How To Control BingBot Crawling Behavior

BingBot is the cute name that Microsoft gives the bot that crawls the Web indexing the content is returned to users who use its search function. BingBot might start to index unwarranted content or it might index enough content sometimes.…

Bing Webmaster Tools Explained

Microsoft is pretty serious about Bing and competing with Google. They are now the second most used search engine so they better step up their game to keep growing their audience. Of course, with more users comes more people who…

New “Bingbot” Will Crawl Non-optimized Sites More Easily

Microsoft has announced that it will be bringing the Bing web crawler out of beta on October 1st. It will be rebranded as "the Bingbot" and replace the existing msnbot. "It will still honor robots.txt directives written for msnbot, so no change is required to robots.txt file(s)," a Bing representative tells WebProNews.

"Improvements to the bot enable more efficient crawling, and increase the ability to crawl content on sites not optimized for search," he says.