Chloe Goins Vows to Fight Bill Cosby in Civil Court After Prosecutors Refuse to Charge Him

Chloe Goins vows to fight on in civil court after prosecutors refuse to charge the beleaguered actor for an assault that allegedly occurred at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. The 78-year-old comedian was told Thursday that no charges would be…

FCC Finds 30 Million Americans Experience Mobile Bill Shock

The Federal Communications Commission has released the findings of an agency survey on the consumer mobile experience that found 30 million Americans have experienced "bill shock," a sudden increase in their monthly bill that is not caused by a change in their service plan.

In addition, the survey found nearly half of cell phone users who have plans with early termination fees (ETFs) and almost two-thirds of home broadband users with ETFs don’t know the amount of the fees they are responsible for.

FCC Wants To End Mobile Phone

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said today it is considering requiring mobile carriers to alert consumers about excessive wireless charges in order to avoid "bill shock."