Huawei Cleared by US to Buy Chips for Automotive Business

The US has cleared the way for Huawei to purchase chips for its auto component business, giving the company a bit of a reprieve.

Toyota Will Cut Worldwide Production 40% in September

Toyota is the latest automaker to experience issues as a result of the semiconductor shortage, cutting production 40% in September.

Apple Car May Debut in 2021

The long-rumored Apple Car may debut in 2021, two years before it was expected, according to supply chain reports.

Used Car Sales Way Up – Defy Dire Expectations, Says Carvana CEO

Ernest Garcia, CEO of automotive ecommerce retailer Carvana, discusses how COVID has surprisingly been a boon to the used car market over the last several months.

Fiat Chrysler And Foxconn Partner To Develop Electric Vehicles

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Fiat Chrysler and Foxconn are working together to develop electric vehicles. Fiat Chrysler may be the eighth largest automaker, but it lags significantly behind in the electric vehicle market. This is a long-term…

Ford CEO Alan Mulally Retiring July 1

Ford this week announced that CEO Alan Mulally will be retiring. Mulally will step aside starting July 1. “It has been an honor to serve and contribute to creating a viable, profitably growing company for the good of everyone associated…

Auto Insurance Rates Rose 2.5% Last Year

With the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) constantly under debate in congress and throughout the country, the focus of the insurance industry in recent years has been healthcare. While the healthcare industry braced for massive changes,…

Dodge Viper To Be Crushed By Chrysler

In a decision that has ramifications across the country, Chrysler has ordered a number of Dodge Vipers to be crushed, because they no longer serve an educational purpose. Chrysler released a statement on its blog on March 6 saying, “About…

Fisker Automotive Files for Bankruptcy

Fisker Automotive, maker of the “Karma” plug-in electric hybrid luxury sedan, filed for bankruptcy protection last week, marking an end to a chain of failure that began after the company received a $529 million loan commitment from the U.S. Department…

Nissan Expecting To Market Self-Driving Cars By 2020

With every piece of technology being automated in this day in age, which piece of technology has yet to be fully automated? The car. If you think it has not been thought of yet, think again, because Nissan, the sixth-largest…