Automation Leads to 10% Cut in TomTom’s Workforce

Mapmaker TomTom is working to increase its level of automation, with a 10% reduction in its workforce being the result.

Pharmacy Automation Trends

By 2024, the global market for pharmacy automation will reach nearly $8 billion.  Automation is needed in central pharmacies in large part due to the stresses caused by COVID-19.  In operations, 70% of the pharmacists in hospitals reported taking on…

How Automating Procurement Can Strengthen Your Company

We’re now over one-fifth of the way into the 21st century — so if your company hasn’t automated procurement processes yet, it’s time to stop living in the past. Your company needs automated procurement processes if you hope to keep…

Robots Now Taking Service Jobs

Robots and automation are moving into an unexpected sector, taking service jobs many once thought were safe.

IBM Acquiring myInvenio to Provide AI-Powered Automation

IBM’s spree of purchases continues, with a deal to acquire myInvenio to help provide AI-powered automation.

AI Still Not Paying Off For Most Companies and Why It Does For Some

A new reports suggests that, despite its promise for the future, artificial intelligence (AI) is still not paying off for most companies.

Raspberry Pi 4 Gets 2GB of RAM For $35

The Raspberry Pi 4 just received a RAM upgrade, bringing it to 2GB for the same price as the 1GB version: $35.

Dish Faces Concerns Whether It Can Build Network Within Budget

Analysts are concerned that Dish Network may not be able to fully establish a standalone wireless network for $10 billion.

Walmart Announces Alphabot—Autonomous Carts That Speed Up Online Orders

Walmart has just announced the first of its kind technology aimed at speeding up online grocery orders. The Alphabot system was created specifically for Walmart by Alert Innovation and is set to help Walmart launch its first pilot program in…

Intuit CEO Thinks AI Will Help Humans, Not Replace Them

Business Insider is reporting that Intuit’s CEO has a very different view of AI in the workplace from many other executives. Many executives, business leaders and experts fear AI will result in countless lost jobs as machines replace human workers.…