The Biggest Beneficiary of Apple’s Privacy Crackdown: Apple

According to a new report, Apple has benefited enormously from its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) privacy feature.

Tim Cook: ‘We’re Not Against Digital Advertising’

Tim Cook has set the record straight that Apple is not against digital advertising, it simply wants to give consumers more control.

Facebook, Google, Snap and Others Bypassing Apple’s Privacy Features

New reports are demonstrating that some of the biggest iOS app makers are bypassing Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) privacy settings.

Invisibly Launches Platform to Help People Control and Monetize Their Data

Invisibly is looking to disrupt the advertising industry, launching a platform that puts people in control of their data.

5G Auction Blows Past $76 Billion, Shattering Estimates

The auction for 5G spectrum in the US has shattered estimates, passing $76 billion as of Monday.

IBM and AT&T Partnering On 5G and Open Hybrid Cloud

IBM and AT&T have announced they are partnering to help bring 5G and open hybrid cloud services to enterprise customers.

Verizon Launches Nationwide 5G Network, Early Reviewers Unimpressed

In combination with Apple’s 5G iPhone 12 launch, Verizon has announced the immediate availability of its nationwide 5G network.

Apple to Unveil 5G iPhone October 13 via Online Event

Apple has announced its upcoming ‘Hi, Speed’ event, in which it plans to unveil its 5G iPhone 12.

AT&T Takes Page From Verizon, Unveils Mix and Match Plans

AT&T has unveiled Unlimited Your Way, a mix and match option for its wireless plans.

Senator Blumenthal Demands AT&T Back Off Ad-Based Cellphone Plans

That didn’t take long; Senator Richard Blumenthal has demanded that AT&T rethink its plans to offer ad-subsidized phone plans.

PCMag Releases Fastest Mobile Networks 2020 Test

PCMag has released its 11th annual testing data of US wireless networks, and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the state of 5G.

US Among Countries With Slowest 5G

OpenSignal has analyzed the wold’s 12 leading 5G markets, and the US is nearly dead-last, in terms of 5G speed.

NAD Supports Some T-Mobile 5G Claims, Disputes Others

The National Advertising Division (NAD), a division of BBB National Programs, has sided with T-Mobile on some of its advertising claims, while disputing others.

IBM and AT&T Deepen Their 5G/Edge Computing Partnership

IBM and AT&T are deepening their 5G and edge computing partnership, with the goal of accelerating the business world’s digital transformation.

Cloud Is The Big Winner Of Work From Home Trend

Cloud, in general, has been a big winner as a result of the work-from-home trend says Five9 CEO Rowan Trollope. We’re one of those companies that have done well. AT&T was last quarter and then another big partner this quarter with CDW.

Verizon Launches 5G Ultra Wideband in San Jose

Verizon has added another city to its 5G map, rolling out 5G Ultra Wideband in parts of San Jose.

T-Mobile Passes AT&T to Become Nation’s Second-Largest Carrier

Following its merger with Sprint and a strong second quarter, T-Mobile has passed AT&T to become the nation’s second-largest wireless carrier.

T-Mobile Hits Major Milestone: First Nationwide Standalone 5G Network

After teasing a major network announcement Monday, T-Mobile has announced a world first: a standalone nationwide 5G network.

U.S. Cellular Turns to Nokia For mmWave 5G Equipment

U.S. Cellular is working with Nokia to acquire the equipment needed for its 5G rollout.

FCC Opens Auction for Mid-Band 5G Spectrum

The FCC has started its auction for 3.5 GHz mid-band spectrum for 5G.