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Tag: APIs

Apple Will Require Devs to Explain Why They Need Access to Some APIs
Apple is continuing to implement privacy protections, this time requiring developers to explain why they need access to certain APIs....
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AdWords Account Managers Get New Alerting Framework
Google announced a new Alerting Framework for AdWords to help account managers (particularly those managing multiple accounts) quickly solve issues an...
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Google Launches Consumer Surveys API To Integrate Surveys Into Your Apps
Google announced a new API for Google Consumer Surveys built on Google Cloud Platform to let developers create and integrate surveys as part of their ...
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Google Search Console API Gets A Few Updates
Google’s John Mueller announced in a Google+ post that there have been a handful of updates to the Search Console API (formerly the Webmaster To...
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Google Announces Full Swift Support For Mobile Ads
Google announced that its mobile adds now fully support Swift, the iOS programming language Apple launched in 2014 and open sourced last last year. Go...
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Square Launches Register and Ecommerce APIs
Square just announced the launch of Build with Square, which is a new set of APIs being made available to sellers and the developers they work with. T...
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Google API Console Launched, Separate From Cloud Console
Google announced the introduction of the Google API Console to give developers a better and more streamlined experience compared to existing Cloud Con...
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Bing Previews New Search APIs
Microsoft announced a preview of its new Bing Search APIs, and invited developers to test them out. The APIs can be used to search across hundreds of ...
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Google Integrates Places API with Google Maps Search
Google announced that it has integrated the Places API with Google Maps search in an effort to offer more consistent search results across Google Maps...
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Google Gives Developers Users’ Private Addresses, Phone Numbers, Etc. With New People API
Google announced the new People API, which lets developers retrieve data about authenticated users’ connections from their Contacts. Whereas in ...
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Google Extends AdWords Manual Location Extension Sunset
In December, Google launched of the Google My Business API aimed at making it easier for big businesses and third parties to integrate with the Google...
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These 5 Google Search APIs Are Going Away Next Month
All the way back in 2011, Google announced that it would shut down a number of APIs, including several search-related ones. Some of them, however, hav...
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Google Now Offers A Knowledge Graph Search API
Google’s Freebase recently announced the Knowledge Graph Search API, which will enable developers to query the Knowledge Graph for entities. The...
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Google My Business Gets An API
This week, Google announced the launch of the Google My Business API aimed at making it easier for big businesses and third parties to integrate with ...
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Facebook Improves Embedding For Developers
Facebook announced the launch of improved embedding tools for developers including the Embedded Video Player API and oEmbed support. The company first...
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Google Reportedly Adds Another App Indexing-Related Ranking Signal
Back in February, Google announced two major mobile ranking signals back in February. The one that got the most attention and the nickname “Mobi...
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Pinterest Opens Developer Sandbox
Pinterest announced the opening of its developer sandbox enabling any developer to access its API and start building apps and integrations.When a deve...
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Amazon Web Services Adds New APIs For Testing Access Control Policies
Amazon Web Services announced two new APIs for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) that lets you automate validation and auditing of permissions ...
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Google Will Soon Shut Down CSV Download Scripts
Earlier this month, Google announced the Search Analytics API to make the data from the Search Analytics feature in Google Search Console accessible f...
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Facebook Adds Features To Graph API Explorer
Facebook says one of its most popular developer tools is the Graph API Explorer, which lets them authenticate, make API requests and debug. The compan...
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