Google Launches Consumer Surveys API To Integrate Surveys Into Your Apps

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Google announced a new API for Google Consumer Surveys built on Google Cloud Platform to let developers create and integrate surveys as part of their mobile or web apps.

"We’ve spoken to research and non-research companies who are really interested in bringing the power of our Consumer Surveys tool into their own applications, and with this launch it’s finally possible," says product manager Dylan Lorimer. "We imagine many different use-cases to tap into the millions of respondents our platform can connect you with, across a dozen or more markets around the world."

"Leading up to our launch we worked closely with a handful of trusted testers who provided valuable feedback," he says. "These have included proprietary solutions to manage studies conducted on the Google Consumer Surveys platform (Kantar), predictive analytics solutions (Predictvia), and solutions that help customers visualize their Google Consumer Surveys data (MarketSight). We look forward to working with developers to build unique solutions that empower individuals and businesses to make better data driven decisions."

You can find everything you need to know about Google Consumer Surveys here.

Image via Google