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China Cracking Down on Exporting Customer Data Internationally
China is cracking down on exporting customer data internationally, requiring that companies get the government’s permission first....
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Fred Durst Would Like to Say He Is NOT Robert Durst
Limp Bizkit frontman and purveyor of fine red hats Fred Durst would like you to know that he is not alleged killer Robert Durst. One set out on a kill...
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Oops, Robert Durst Is Not a Part of Limp Bizkit, Says AP
If you’ve been awake and breathing for the past two days, you’ve probably been listening to Kendrick Lamar’s new album and talking a...
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AP: Monsanto’s Chemicals are Sickening Argentina
A recent AP investigation might change your mind if you think the Haitian farmers acted brashly when they destroyed the seeds Monsanto donated to them...
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AP And Meltwater Make Up And Work Together
The Associated Press and Meltwater, once bitter legal rivals, have decided to squash their beef, and move forward working together on new products tha...
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Some Obama Administration Officials Have Secret Email Addresses [Report]
President Obama’s appointees to various government agencies use a secret email unknown to anyone outside of government, according to a report re...
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Hal McClure Dies; Journalist Was 92
Journalist Hal McClure has died at the age of 92. According to an Associated Press report, McClure died at a Los Angeles hospital on Sunday following ...
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AP Twitter Hack Gets The NMA Treatment
Though Tuesday’s hack of the AP’s Twitter account that sent U.S. markets into a freefall is no laughing matter, our favorite Taiwanese ani...
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AP Twitter Account Back Up Following Hack
After being down for over 20 hours following a hack, the Associated Press’ Twitter account is now back up and running. “Thank you for your...
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AP Hacked, Tweets About White House Explosion
Two explosions have not rocked the White House and President Obama is not injured. But if you follow the Associated Press’ official Twitter acco...
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AP: ‘Illegal Immigrant’ No Longer an Acceptable Term
The AP, apart from being a news organization, also publishes a highly influential stylebook used by schools and journalists across the country. And th...
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Ruling In AP/Meltwater Case Could Be Trouble For Search Engines
Search engines and fair use suffered a legal blow this week, as a judge sided with the Associated Press in its ongoing case against Meltwater, a servi...
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Newspapers Support AP Fight Against Meltwater
A group of newspapers, including The New York Times, has lent its support to The Associated Press in a lawsuit against Meltwater, a company that scans...
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The AP Links, But For Those Running AP Stories, It’s Up To Them
This week, we ran an article about the Associated Press and its linking policies, which pointed out an article that seemed to be doing the kind of thi...
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Associated Press: You Can Link, But It’s Not Encouraged [Updated]
The Associated Press and the Internet at large have had something or a rocky relationship through the years. The organization has not taken kindly to ...
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Journalism & Technology Scholarships for Six Lucky Winners of Google and AP Contest
Last summer Google announced a joint scholarship program for aspiring journalists with the Associated Press, administered by the Online News Associati...
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Should News Organizations Pay People For Their Tweets?
Let me start off by saying: No. I don’t think news organizations should have to pay people for referencing their tweets. But this is a similar l...
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Twitter Algorithm Can Predict News Popularity
News sites already know how to modify their stories to gain maximum search potential, but what if you could do the same with Twitter? Researchers at H...
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Tom Curley Steps Down As AP President And CEO
Tom Curley, President and CEO of the Associated Press announced that he is stepping down today, and that the AP’s board has began the search for...
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Joe Paterno Dead (This Time It’s Real)
Update 2: Penn State has put out the following statement: Legendary Penn State football Coach Joe Paterno passed away today (Jan. 22) after announcing...
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