BuzzFeed Acquires HuffPost, Strikes Strategic Partnership With Verizon

BuzzFeed has acquired HuffPost from Verizon, while striking a strategic partnership that will see Verizon become a minority stakeholder in BuzzFeed.

Direct to Consumer is a Fundamental Platform Shift, Says Tim Armstrong

Direct to Consumer, or DTC, is a fundamental platform shift, according to former AOL and Verizon digital properties CEO Tim Armstrong. “There have been a couple times in my career where there has been what is basically a fundamental platform shift,” noted Armstrong. “I felt like direct-to-consumer was something that was going to be a platform shift.”

Jason Calacanis: This Could Be Facebook’s AOL Peak, Their Yahoo Peak

Internet entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis says that Facebook may go the way of AOL and Yahoo. “This could be, it’s possible, maybe not probable but possible, this could be their AOL peak, their Yahoo peak,” said Calacanis.

Steve Case: Facebook Needs to Pivot and Recognize They’re Not in the Garage Anymore

AOL co-founder Steve Case says that Facebook needs to pivot and recognize that they are not in the garage anymore. Case sees some of this as a backlash against big tech, which he predicted a few years ago in his book the Third Wave.

The Education Technology Revolution is Still on its Way

AOL founder and internet visionary Steve Case in his new book, “The Third Wave” says that the Education Revolution will be: More personal. More Individualized. More data-driven. Even though there have been many technological solutions that fit the spirit of…

AOL Announces ONE by AOL: Publishers

At the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership Meeting, AOL announced the launch of ONE by AOL: Publishers bringing together the company’s content and distribution capabilities. The company says the offering will simplify “an overly complex ecosystem and provide holistic, tailored…

Here’s What’s Changing With Bing Ads Now That It Includes AOL

As you may know, Bing now powers AOL Search worldwide, including exclusively in the the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia. In light of this, Microsoft announced some changes to Bing Ads including the Campaigns page, Reporting page, Google AdWords Import…

AOL Makes Programmatic Ad Deal With A+E Networks

AOL announced that it has formed a new programmatic and publisher solutions partnership with A+E Networks that will enable the latter to leverage AOL’s programmatic platform as a publisher and as an advertisers. AOL describes it as a first of…

Verizon’s AOL Is Acquiring Millennial Media

AOL, which as a reminder, is now owned by Verizon, announced on Thursday that it has entered agreement to acquire mobile ad platform Millennial Media. It’s paying $1.75/share, which comes to roughly $238 million. AOL says it will use Millennial…

Def Leppard Will Share a Stage With Donald Trump in Iowa

When Def Leppard takes the stage at the Iowa State Fair next month, they will be introduced and welcomed by none other than Donald Trump. Def Leppard is touring with classic rock acts Styx and Tesla, who will also be…