Microsoft Azure and AWS Leading in IoT Onboarding and Lifecycle Management

A new Competitive Assessment report puts Microsoft Azure and AWS leading the pack in IoT deployment.

Samsung Subsidies Greater Than Apple’s, Shows Analyst Report

Samsung‘s runaway success in the Android market is normally attributed to the company’s marketing and significant manufacturing capabilities. However, a new report shows that the Korean manufacturer’s aggressive pricing strategies could have just as much to do with it becoming…

Mobile App Market to reach $27B This Year, Predicts Analyst

As early players such as Zynga begin to be overtaken by newcomers such as King, the mobile app market is continuing to grow at an astounding rate. Through Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Play Store, mobile apps are quickly…

Tablet Shipments Could Reach 145 Million This Year

It’s already clear from multiple reports this month that tablets took a big bite out of PC sales during the 2012 holiday season. Now, a new report is showing that the tablet market is set to grow even stronger in…

Report: 7 Trillion SMS Messages Will Be Sent in 2011

ABI Research, which released a study on Mobile Messaging Services, is saying that over seven trillion SMS messages will be sent in 2011. That’s worldwide, from about 4.2 billion mobile subscriptions.

ABI says SMS is being increasingly regarded as something of a commodity by users, due to falling delivery costs and high competition. 

Location-Based Advertising To Reach $1.8 Billion

Location-based advertising is still in its early stages, but according to ABI Research, businesses will spend $1.8 billion on it in 2015 as part of their overall mobile marketing budgets.

Study Indicates 60% of Handsets Will Have Mobile Browsers in 2015

ABI Research is sharing a new report in which it forecasts that over 60% of handsets will have mobile browsers in 2015. At 3.8 billion mobile devices, that would double today’s penetration rate, the firm says.

Cheaper Knock-Off Phones Reportedly Doing Well in Smartphone Market

According to a new report from ABI Research,  Smartphone shipments are expected to grow 21% this year to 224 million, but "Shanzai" devices may be getting a fair share of consumers’ money.