Tabletop Forge Team Discuss Google+ Hangouts Project

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I'm not as involved as I used to be, but I was a big fan of tabletop roleplaying games during my college years. I especially loved playing Call of Cthulhu. Eventually, friends left and we just sort of stopped playing. That's why the idea of setting up a game via Google+ Hangouts is pretty exciting.

During this week's Google+ Platform Office Hours, a team of developers creating Tabletop Forge, an app for Google+ Hangouts that allows you to play roleplaying games over the service, talked to the Google+ team about the project.

The 46 minute video is really interesting for tabletop fans who want a new platform to play virtual tabletop games on. The team demoes how it works and answers some important questions like how they prevent cheating on dice rolls.

The team then goes into some of the new features they will be adding into Tabletop Forge soon like Fog of War and saving game logs to Google Docs. They also talk about wanting to start up a Kickstarter to help fund further development of the platform.

The team is also using their virtual platform to introduce game elements that are not possible with physical tabletop games. One of the examples is the introduction of a seven-sided die into the game.

Check out the video below to see a great use of the Google+ Hangouts API. Now excuse me as I go set up a game with some friends.