T.R. Knight Marries Longtime Boyfriend Patrick

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T.R. Knight, an actor known primarily for his work on the hit ABC show, Grey's Anatomy, has just married his longtime boyfriend. The couple were married on Friday after dating for three years. Knight has stayed good friends with his co-star Katherine Heigl over the years and she was one of the notable guests that attended his wedding. The two of them also had a very close relationship on the show, and were even lovers for a while too.

While Grey's Anatomy just started its 10th season, Knight, who played Dr. George O'Malley, exited the show in 2009. He left the show and abandoned his contract three years early after an incident in 2007, when his co-star Isiah Washington referred to him with an anti-gay slur during a heated argument. People Magazine mentions that he is currently starring as Mercutio in an off-Broadway production of Romeo And Juliet, alongside William Hurt and Elizabeth Olsen. He was forced to miss the performance of the show on Friday and Saturday, due to the ceremony. He also appeared in several episodes of The Good Wife in and 42, the film about Jackie Robinson, both this year.

While T.R. Knight is not as famous as some actors, he had a good run on Grey's Anatomy, which lasted for five seasons. After getting married to his boyfriend on Friday, he has simply been listed as Patrick, with no other details regarding who he is. The ceremony was a very small and intimate gathering with only family and close friends in attendance, according to US Magazine. Katherine Heigl along with actress Kate Walsh flew in for the ceremony and Heigl posted a picture, bragging on twitter about how she was at the wedding. Walsh also appeared on Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Addison Montgomery.

Knight's Romeo And Juliet cast wishes that they could have attended the ceremony, but gave him their good wishes from the set. He will certainly be celebrating with them after he returns.

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